30 Day Challenge

Day 9 If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

This 30 day blog challenge is brining out the realness in me. By the look of the title you know where we heading. This is a touchy subject for me cause I have had lots of blows up until this point. I knew in my core from very young on that story telling was my best point of life . I was drawn  to television so crazily.  My 22 dolls were all named after television characters. I saw myself as a content producer way before I even knew what the job title was. Conceptualizing and managing content.

I am so artsy fartsy you dont even know. I was exposed to the entertainment industry at 11 years old. I had photoshoots done for casting agencies.  I auditioned for Televison and Radio. In my teens I took art more seriously by attending paid drama clubs. I would enroll myself in dramatic art workshops. I learned contemporary dance . I had loads of dancing friends. One of which was Shaka.

At the end of High School I consider leaning towards Marketing in the corporate world. It seemed like a safe creative option. I was becoming tensed after my high school graduation. To further my education seemed indefinite for me . You know because of finance and yadah yadah.

I started interning at 16 years old at Radio and a Television network. Non paying of course . For experience and an opportunity to see whether there was a future in this line of work for me. No one at the time could offer me a consistent pay check after school. So freelancing and interning for an inconsistent R80 a day was a brutal fight of Faith to bare.  I got a “real job” with all the benefits you could hope for . With the intention to use my earnings and save for school.

My dream job would be  Encapsulating raw experiences in relatable context for millions to see across the world.

In the comments below share what your dream job would be

30 Day Challenge

Day 8 Five Things I can’t Live Without

Day 8 of my 30 day challenge is about the things I can’t live without. I want you to clear your mind with me .Forget about the essentials for one second . Let’s say you have the obvious cell phone , tooth brush and whatever basic element we surely couldn’t go without. What would all of that mean if we didn’t have any of the following 5:

Here are Five things my life would suck without

  1.  A bit of Lalaland Imagination and Wonder . Music Mystery and all things Artsy sums this one up for me .  I couldnt see life without a pinch of grind or elegance through dance. Niether Jazz , soul a bit of Kanye West and all leading women who leave you gasping with question “As to how they do things so effortlessly”.
  2. The good In People. I believe there isn’t one person on this planet who is pure evil. Every individual has their weakness and have their share of awakened sensitivity.
  3. I couldn’t live without the Joy of life . The celebration of milestones no matter how little or humoungest an achievement seem. How we surprise each other with gifts and quality time.
  4. I couldn’t live without being able to share the little that exist in being present.  Whether it may be tangible, conversational or anything irreplaceable.
  5. Lastly I couldn’t live without God being love . Whether love that was permitted by him romantically. Unconditionally I couldn’t imagine a world without forgiveness Kindness or patients .

The more I strived towards leaning on to the desires of my bucket list. The more I have grown to capture The moment and be present.


Recently I surprised Moments with R&L for her birthday . This brought life to No 3 in every way. After work we headed down to the parking lot. I arranged a balloon to be tied to her car with a note. The note was 1 of 3 part letters. Part 1 listed 7 Things I hated about her. A song she was obsessed with when Miley Cyrus was everything to us 90’s tarts. Next to the note was a gift bag. Inside the gift bag were a few goodies. Coconut chocolates packaged in Raffaello’s gift package. She has been dying to Diy a handbag. Next to the coated chocolates were back pack pins and fabric stick ons. Part 2 of the friendship note bowed with ribbon next to her treats. I listed 7 Things I loved about her in the second note. I mentioned all 6 except the 7th last thing. Which was posted to her home address. A more personal letter attached with a personalized prayer and the mention of the 7th Thing I so loved about her.


What would living in this world be without the Joys of those Things and a blogging bud who made my 30 day Challenge Possible . An update with how She is finding this challenge click over here.

Leave comments down below on what you couldn’t live without. 

30 Day Challenge

Day 7 Childhood Toys

Day 7 of my 30 day challenge is all about my childhood Toys . To be honest I lived in front of the television as a kid. I would sit on the carpet right in front of the television set . Hence my current eye problem. I was so addicted with watching TV right until the age of 15. I wouldn’t miss an episode of Barney Idols or Grey’s Anatomy .I kid you not I woke up like at 5 am in the morning just to watch wrestlemania. Now I have a hard time waking up for work .

I would watch those infomercials and get hooked on product reviews . Remember when they launched Twista and it came on Tv. Dude I lived for watching those commercials . I would always tell myself when I grow up I would have this and that . Mainly all the things I some how discovered through television.  Whether it was my Mr Mcdreamy from Grey’s . The latest baby born or whatever . It would have been primarily introduced to me via television broadcast .

I was such a loner kid so for starters . I would have imaginary friends . Oh boo whoo.  I loved it. I was privileged though I had so Many toys to list a few won’t do my childhood  justice . To paint you a picture I had a drum kit , baby Borns. I had dolls counting to 22 and still have them in my old room. All of which had individual names . I named a few after characters in Days of our lives . I had a walking doll. An iron set. I had so much cool stuff it is hard to pick a fav. Who didn’t enjoy playing with a yoyo.

I am no duh a 90s kid . I had fake heels. Sabrina’s diy collection. I had loads of colour in books . I kept all my Spur birthday packs . There were a bunch of toys and my first wallet was from Spur . My wallet was always filled with tons of coins . A R10 was most probably the largest amount in notes I had in there.  I had those radios that were attached with a Mic . A sort of mobile karaoke machine . It was so cool .

I hope today’s read was as fun for you as it was to write . In the comments below list your childhood Toys and if any of ours are similar . Xoxo T

30 Day Challenge

Day 6 Zodiac Sign

Happy Soul Sunday guys . Today I got my bounce back . I truly had a rough few weeks . I felt further from myself . This weekend I slowly got my bounce back. It all started with a lengthy Convo with my mom. Finding the courage to share and find fellowship with a girl friend . And to open my heart and be vulnerable with Shaka . Can you imagine? After nearly 8 years of dating I still struggle to say sorry and wara wara fish paste . It’s been great to grow lately in those areas of my life . I  met up with a girlfriend late afternoon yesterday . I can’t stop thinking about how great our conversations were and how that has made me feel less alone .

Todays challenge is about my Zodiac sign and a lot of my starsign ties into the difficulty I have had with sharing my life with others.Here is how.

I am a Gemini I was born 31 May 1994. Gemins are known to be stubborn. Gemini is both an air sign and a mutable sign. The duality often leads to internal conflict. You guys know where I am heading from here on out. We Geminis have this natural tendency to have internal conflict and be stubborn about it.

I use to read my star sign all the time in magazines when I grew up. When I was 19 I looked up what a Gemini really was . And couldn’t agree more with the facts . Here are a few agreeable characteristics I have .

The contradictory essence of Geminis is to be both the life of the party and the flower on the wall. In social settings we are frequently unpredictable although always articulate .We open minded and can be extreme at times . We curious playful and intellectual.  We are active and adventurous.  A Gemini women when dating her it can feel more of a friendship.  She needs to be nurtured loved and catered to. She is very demanding yet pron to keep men. Once you have her she is easily jealous the reason for this is that if she is going to open up to a man when she rarely completely open up to anyone . She does not want yo take risk of being hurt and deceived. They are exciting and worth the effort you will remember them forever .

Keep in mind Shaka is a Gemini to. The saying that we pron to have this two personality sort of thing happens all the time. I see it in myself more than I do in Shaka . In south Africa people say one day you a gem the next day you can be a N@#$ and it’s more of an A $$ whipe tone . Lol but it is true my moods are never the same . I do make effort to better myself in areas of a Gemini now more than ever but a lot of those personality traits are true experiences for me .

If you a Gemini tell me all about your experiences and whether you believe in your star sign. Leave comments down below .

Thank you for walking with me on the 30 day challenge .

30 Day Challenge

Day 5 Comfort Food

My My My it’s already day 5 and this challenge has dawned through.

It is 21:48 this evening. Yet I am still powering through this  30 day blog challenge. Moments with R&L tagged me for this month’s theme and if it were not for her cheerleading on my side . My commitment would have been an epic failure . Check her progress over here.

Today’s challenge will be an absolute pleasure. I have to chat to you about my comfort foods. Now I am such a foodie I love eating. I am so open to trying new foods. Especially if they new to my palate. I am for all things gourmet and heartily prepped . I have my own cooking confessions which you can read more about here. However my comfort foods vary.

I love indulging in stews for comfort. I could end up dishing myself 3 plates in one evening. To feel filled and hearty. By hearty I mean comfy and fluffy. I gain a sense of nostalgia from my childhood dishes . There is nothing more compelling than a dish that reminds you of home . Cabbage Cooked with beef cubes , Tomato Breedie , Roti ,Briani those meals just to mention a few. They were always my fav dishes prepared by my grandmother. Her baked bread is such a gem. So many meals are my comfy foods.

To be honest I can’t cook them fairly as good as she does . I enjoy trying to. Easy comfy foods that I do have quick access to. Well then again something I could just whip up quick. Is indeed a good pasta. And pasta without cheese is so not a good pasta. Traditional white sauce made from scratch. With grated chedda cheese is a regular comfort dish.

On the subject of Comfort foods and a quick catch up with you. Life has been chaotic lately. In terms of my personal growth in fiance , my relationships with myself and Shaka . Including areas of my day to day J.O.B.

When you ever feeling like comfort food is just not enough and you need a great Convo. Such as those lengthy ones that you might have learned about over here. Call up a friend and just let loose with some girl time .

I spend my afternoon with a gorgeous soul . Whom added so much to where I currently find myself at . This beaut is a few years older than me. She taught me so much in such a short amount of time. Her wisdom and experiences she shared is truly something I will hang on to for as long as I live and learn. I hope that when I find better confidence in the strength I gained . I will be able to write about how powerful we can be when we snack with a girl friend . During our meet we had a classic Tea Party Vibe with cookies with crackers . Each other’s company and a comfy setting.

In the comment section below Comment what your fav Comfort Foods are and who you like Sharing  them with.


30 Day Challenge

Day 4 What Makes me Happy

Day Three of my 30 Day Challenge

Hmph what makes me happy well….

I love reading other people’s blog post . Each blogger adds fabric to the way we comfort ourselves. Here are a few blog post by Desert Missus  whom is giving me life right now in the blogging community. She has given blogging a new meaning for me .

I don’t want to list self glorifying and obvious things that make me happy . I really want to dive into a few post that really helped me find joy with my current situation . Whatever that may be. Figuring out being 20 something. Not being happy in my job or feeling stuck in my career choice. You know the usssssge.

 Little disclaimer:

 I asked permission before publishing this draft. The last thing I want to do is cut away the integrity of this piece.

The most recent blog post that stole my heart is right over here called Why Competence Always loses out to Confidence.

This was how much this post spoke to me , my response:

This was so meant for me. First off you killed me with your choice of words”bitch fest” ahs and jahs. It is always fun reading your blogs.

This was meant for me because I have been dealing with an internal bitch fest. I live in Sandton now and making the effort to call home in Cape Town is such a mission. No one picks up at the peek of my fumes. So I am just like forget it I will sulk for the next few days and then get over myself.

I have been senior in my position for nearly 4 years still earning the same salary since I started. I am training new staff that earns a R1000 more than me. Finding another job I haven’t been winning. My HR Manager hasn’t bothered to respond to my email. I can do more than a lot of the people in my office space. but you know what the fudge here I am in the same old financial boat.

However reading this post was such a wake up call like I could use this time to study the people around me and better myself for when the opportunity avails itself.

I literally bookmarked this post just so that I can have a read through it again at home. Cause this hasn’t totally sink in yet but the timing couldn’t be more perfect for me.

A little update regarding my response. My HR Manager eventually responded. And Yip I am pretty sure she does not read my blog nudge nudge wink wink.  In this moment I just needed to bitch fest . I looked at my day to day environment more of an “internship” than  this is what I have to do until something greater came along. I have learned to be more thankful for the mistakes that I have seen around me and the joys that comes with keeping an extra tab open on my works desktop.  I had to review whether I was upset about the money or was I just upset with feeling like I am not evolving. if  it were not for coming across this post. I would have just probably moped in my misery.


Another great post from Desert Missus was the first interweb interaction we had . Her style of blogging is similar to where I see myself in the blogesphere Hello Girlfriend. 

When I grow up I want to have the lemonade she has to the lemons of life. I absolutely loved her date night ideas especially lounging on the floor with your hubby that you can read more about over here

A blog  a bit more personal to me you can find over here .

If I had to pick in terms of shaping my online identity and simply thinking about what I want to offer my online friendships on social media. This post would be a winner.Five Ways to lose blog followers 

I couldn’t be more happier to add that Desert Missus has adopted me as her online niece lol. The joys of having a sense of family from across the world. The power of the internet couldn’t be more amazing right now. I am loving the way I am growing with her blogs. If she showed up for me through her work I am sure she can pull through for you.

Give her blog a browse Subscribe if you vibing with her style and join her personal branding course by a click of a button. It is free It is a sisterhood for keeping things 100. Women of all ages will find her voice relatable.

Drop down a comment of blogs that make you happy. I would love to check out blogs that adds life to yours. xoxo T 


30 Day Challenge

Day 3 Top 5 Pet Peeves

Haaaaay You guys It’s day 3 of my 31 Day Challenge. Today’s challenge could be a bit of a touchy subject.  What are my Pet Peeves? I never use to get easily annoyed but I have realized the older I get the more easily I get affected by peoples behavior .As always I promise to keep things 100 with you and in my pet peeves it is about to get real down below.  You have been warned lol arrrrgh lets just get right in to it.

  1. Selfish Rambeling This would be the ME ME ME  people. The conversation is always about them.  When you discussing a personal situation. For example lets say difficulty in” your current relationship” . The scenario is specifically about what your partner is doing wrong right? These people generally make a relation between their partner and your partner. Comparing the two in the end. They don’t listen they just hear and add advice directly from their own experience. They have a hard time putting themselves in other peoples shoes. It is so hard for me to talk to ME ME ME people. Don’t get me wrong I love learning about people and I oddly find it interesting how ME ME ME people can be ME ME ME.
  2. Reverse Racism I will let this simmer over here and allow Superwomen to say it best

    A Geography Class for Racist People – YouTube


  3. Indecisive people dude I use to be one of them mainly because I never took responsibility for anything that went wrong. I learned a few years back to start thinking for myself and standing by my decisions. If you allow people to make decisions for you it is easy to point the finger and go well they told me to. Being in a relationship with Shaka taught me this big time. A lot of members in my squad were not thrilled about our relationship. They always said we give it about 3 years max then our love would run dry. My family members were not particularly thrilled and advised me to quit what we had. And again they had valid reason to. For more you can read over here. I would always allow other peoples opinion to fester on my mind. It affected the way I took responsibility for things. For the first time I chose Shaka despite the advice I got and when times were tough I had to stand by my decision and take responsibility for my role etc. Lately I have been meeting tons of people who beg me to tell them what to do. Whether it is personal advice or my clients. My clients really know how to get me frustrated with this one on a irritable professional level.
  4. Girls who don’t want to help other girls. Again I will gladly reference Superwoman yes I know I am a little obsessed with her. But why the hate you know what I mean what is the point. Why should we intimidate each other. I can speak from experience .I have had my guilty share of having the shoe be on the other foot. And time and time again I am told my first impression is not approachable. Sometimes I am saddened by hearing that. Other times I find comfort in that so people don’t step over me. I often use this as a blanket for protection to cover me for those mean girls. If you can relate leave a comment on this one.
  5. People who can’t be to the point regarding conflict or confrontation.  They will talk around the bush and be all verbose. Add hints but never say exactly what they mean.  It is so annoying because when S#!& hits the fan they dig up all the things they have been hinting about like months ago.


Let me know if we have similar pet peeves do you feel my pain. What are yours? Wish me luck for the rest of my 31 day Challenge and if you have  challenged yourself before. Leave links in the comments below.


30 Day Challenge

Day 2 Home Alone 30 Day Challenge

Hey Guys I hope you well. I am curious to know what you up to. If you have ever tried a 30 Day Challenge?  I want to catch up on your post. Please pop over to the comment section to let me know what you been up to.

What I do when I am home Alone

This is Day 2 for my August Challenge. My second challenge requires that I have to spill the beans on what I do when I am home alone.  What a luxury Right? Cause it ain’t  very often. Moments with R&L is joining me on this month-long journey. Check her day 2 challenge over here.

In the week I am hardly home alone. Shaka the bae has a flexible schedule. As do I, I get to choose my 8 days off a month.  Besides I live walking distance from home so lunch time I will often spend it at home. I work every second weekend. So As you can imagine. When I do get a full 6 hours to myself or even the half of that.

This is normally what goes down

Praise and Worship

The situation at home goes in full church mode. The apartment is surely  Lit. I normally spend a hour and a half. This really sets the tone for my day.  My soul session is what I like to call it. I will spend 15 minutes or so quiet . I will either read a daily devotion or a Proverb. Pray and turn up the worship. My Playlist include the list you can find over here and here and here.

This may be a bit weird to you but I carry this tradition I anoint my apartment. I got my oil from my Grandmother and she is bomb at this kind of stuff. It makes me feel right at home in my fairly new home.

Tidy Room Tidy Mind 

Every girl knows that this is a free relaxing gem. A place for everything and everything in its place. So from Praise and Worship the playlist goes straight to Jill Scott , Angie Stone , Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill, Phil Pherry.

My cleaning Routine for the home goes a little like this

  1. I always start from the ground up. A good Sweep.  I move all the furniture to make sure I Get out all the dust under the bed or underneath the ottoman etc, I will do a thorough mop as well.
  2. I will then de-clutter. My cupboard is normally a mess in the busyness of a work week.  I will throw out all those clothes on the ground. Sort the laundry out and pile them on the ground. If the bedding hasn’t been changed . This is the perfect time I will do it. Once everything is set in it’s pile .
  3.  I will tackle the Kitchen . Dishes is not where a good cleaning starts or ends for the “kitchen”. The counters of course inside the kitchen cabinet. The outside of the cabinet. The cutlery tray get dusted. All the decor and tea and coffee holders. The pantry get arranged. The fridge gets a good cleaning inside and outside . Never forgetting the top.
  4. I normally head straight to the bathroom once the floors have nicely dried.  You guys don’t need the TMI talk from that sector.
  5. I will start cleaning outside. By this time the playlist needs to pump up a bit with Billboard Top 100. The windows the patio benches pillows and  the plants get fed and dusted.
  6. Shaka normally handles the rest any spots I haven’t mentioned he takes care of.
  7. I just go over the floors one more time and then All the cleaning is donzo.

Cooking with T Confessions

I will be pretty hungry by the time I am done. I will have snacks at this point before I cook a hefty meal . Breakfast isn’t a thing for me always . Sometimes in between my soul session but not always.

Pamper Time

I will take a hot bubbled bath do my hair a face mask and watch YouTube videos in between.

I will check on my hefty meal open a bottle of wine if I am in the mood or have a peppermint tea with honey. Time always fly when you having fun all by yourself. Before you know it Shaka is home.

Our dinner would nearly be done. Once we had our meal I will then put on some nail polish. I hate cooking with my nails done. I will lounge with him cuddle watch a movie or totally prefer zening on my own. Catching up on blog reads or browsing on social media.

And that concludes my day alone

Is your routine similar to mine. What do you get up to when you on your own.

30 Day Challenge

Day 1 My Current Relationship 30 Day Challenge 

I am going to challenge myself for the next 30 days saaaay whaaat!!! Btw this month has 31 days . What am I thinking?

Starting from today . I am tag teaming with Moments with R&L. You know I love lengthy blogs but with this challenge I am going to try and keep it short and sweet so you don’t miss out on my weekly catch up with you.

The best part of today’s challenge ties in with a quick catch up .

Challenge 1: Discuss your current Relationship

I will be celebrating my 8 year anniversary with Shaka my bae . August is the month I said “I do” take you to be my boyfriend after he asked .

We met when I was really young . We attended the same High school. We are quite apart in age . To my deference I was pretty mature for my age. Yeah yeah That’s a good one right.

Our age difference played a huge role . I had someone who had been where I was . He knew when I would fall before I knew . He never made decisions for me . Even when I cried my heart out begging him to tell me what to do when I needed to deal with personal ish.

He also gave me wisdom and support but never once said you should do xyz. I later respected his approach and appreciated his gesture a bit later on.

His been a mentor in many ways I go to him for advice . We both Geminis I have mentioned this before . We still differ in many ways . I tend to freak out more often than the average person . I am getting better at being confident and calm though. Where he on the other hand would be as laid back at a mother getting a foot massage . Oh naughty you , you thought I was going to  say the F word.  Lol

He had then and still do now have a huge amount of respect for my privacy.  As you might have learned previously over here.

Before we kissed he asked my permission. I recently had a chat with a girlfriend about this and she said that must be so boring . Well for others it could cause then they will expect it sure . But for me my body was mine and he was  much older . He never placed me in a situation where I felt uncomfortable.

I couldn’t imagine it being any different. Right imagine? This guy just leaning over me going  in for the kill. It was so special and I still get to kiss those lips today.

We don’t have plans for our anniversary yet it will be the 26th August.

If you have any fun ideas Drop them in the comments or share your miles stones with your bae over here.


Scribbles from my Journal

Living in Sandton Johannesburg

It has been two years since living in Sandton.  And Girrrrrl let me tell you this has not been the easiest road. I felt I voiced a lot of relatable experiences in my lengthy Convo series. That I wanted to start a New One based off living away from Home as a 20 something year old.


Hold Up Wait a Minute let me put my 2 Cents in it

When I relocated from Cape Town I was the first among my peers to dare. I just had my Matric certificated failed attempts at studying. A job in the communication / retail industry and a heart full of enthusiasm for all and more.

My bae Shaka and I were on the edge of dreaming big. I mean bigger than we ever had before.  To move in together. To travel together and hustle together for more. We had not much too loose but our rooms in our parents home.  I guess our dignity if we had to fail. But  ahduh if you don’t know this yet then let me tell you. Failing is growth so either way there wasn’t that much at stake.  You can’t learn from something you haven’t failed at .

Shaka has traveled many times before. I on the other hand did not.  His been to Germany , Las Vegas his been to Jhb More than I can remember. He has traveled on temporary basis  but living in another city is a whole other dimension and to do this together was a New experience for each one of us.

We were dating for 5 years in already.  We never had on and off break up’s . But we  always toughen up through any one of  our fair share ” running on empty experiences”. You know what I mean?  We were past  the infatuation stage and ready to venture big in the real world.

 For more on what it was like relocating click over here

Brace yourself you in for a lengthy one grab a cup of Tea

I am one of those control freaks who is set on being my version of successful. I like so many others dared to relocate for my version of success. I am still trying to figure out what exactly that is. All I know is that right now I am not even close to it

Sandton compared to where I am from is way more

  • Diverse (most people living in Sandton are from all corners of Africa and beyond)
  • People are genuinely more friendly
  • Yes it is a faster pace life compared to Cape Town (Things happen quickly All executive decisions starts here. One Minute people are on a flight and then they back in the office) It is speedy gonzales
  • The opportunities are insane (in every good way) Think about it Sandton is the heart beat of South Africa’s economy
  • Work Culture is lit in so many ways (lunch is so not a thing people don’t just go to work and go home. There is always a network sesh or social happening during the week)
  • Lifestyle is way more than just your personal taste in things. Especially here. The lifestyle in Sandton is about connection and people and wait for it… Travel
  • Success is all around Sandton it never feels far from you

There are a ton more but to give you the just that is my core of why I am still here.

The struggle is Real

My Only heart felt struggle is that I am not synced into any of the above. I am still trying to figure my life out . I found difficulty to thrive in any of the above. I must be doing something wrong. I cant be in the space that I am in. With all that surrounding me and not be flourishing with all the areas I have mentioned.

  • Finding a different company to grow in was a major thing to do on my list of thriving
  • Earning a ton of money in order to save and study or travel ties into this
  • Networking I am getting way better at. Learning how to not just be friends with friends but to find the courage to actually build contacts from those friendships.  I know people who know people but I have never been strategic to thrive with my friendships. I seriously don’t know whats wrong with me. I am afraid I guess of people assuming I want to use them. #OverthinkerStruggles

I feel that for the past two years and counting so much cool things has happened and I have grown a ton but In terms of my goal flow I am in the same place as before . I haven’t been achieving the “big stuff”.

There have been a few times where I was just too hard on myself and of course wanted to throw in the towel over here

I had a lengthy Convo with my Mom a few days ago. About this and things we generally don’t talk about. This was a 45 min call . I was on the roof top of where I work .  I Had a good cry and just soaked in the energy of the sunset and busyness of  Sandton. The sun was a gorgeous pink with red and yellow undertones . People were literally walking below the building with suite cases on their way to the Gaustation. The horizon of the skyscrapers were finding rest while the work day came closer to an end. Traffic was at it’s peek already and on the other side of the building you could view the peacefulness of the residential estates.

To be honest I am puzzled I just came through piecing my emotions together. This Blog space is the coolest ventilation machine ever. Sharing this for the heart that is meant to read it. Blows breath into my journey. I shared this with you guys because I know what it is like to get advice from a turtle instead of a giraffe.  You can’t explain to a giraffe what a turtle can only understand. Td Jakes couldn’t have said it any better over here

You wanna move down ?

 By all means I say do it.  You don’t have to move here permanently.  You can always transfer back to wherever home is for you. I haven’t met any one my age that wanted to be here till the end of time. We always yearning for more. I see myself settling down in Cape Town. But I feel comfortable here now. Of course I don’t want to be here for quite too long. The bae and I do want to travel and live and work abroad.

 My advice

Things never go according to plan & our paths won’t be alike if you had to try. A lot of my friends found Job success way quicker than  I did. Some never liked it. But from my experience there is more positives than negatives that came out of daring to do this.  You live you learn and grow.  It is always easy to attain everything. The hard part is to maintain it kinderish but what is even harder is to afford to have more.

The following is normally factors to consider when relocating things I thought about but didn’t fathom until I experienced it myself.


I have had many instances where I was in the position well we were , the bae and I. To splurge on a car but we both live and work walking distance from work. So was it really going to be beneficial? We want to travel and we were both in agreement that we don’t need a car right now and right here. Public transport I have never had an issue with around Sandton. When we need to travel a bit further out we go along with friends Uber or Sleep Over. Young Wild and Free Vibes.


I have never felt uncomfortable or unsafe around Sandton. Of course their are incidents that occur like everywhere else. I read the Sandton Chronicle.  But nothing dramatic traumatized me other than my own emotional drama like I can never win chants.  Fortunately where I have always lived. We have boom gates and private security. My previous studio apartment came with a panic button , home alarm , gate control. But remember nothing is guaranteed. You just have to be cautious and use your common sense to avoid crime. We were at a bar once in Braamfontein. We had a great time and then there was this obvious drunk f@!% who wanted to get slutry with me. And we just left and went to a better bar that we wouldn’t have found if that never happened.  So remain positive at all times.


Look there are places that are expensive and there are places which is reasonable. Our first studio apartment was in Rivonia which was super convenient for work and traveling.  We paid R4400 for an open plan studio living pad. We had a garden pool and tennis court. Security. Laundry could be done on the premises.  This included water and electricity. Partial furniture was added too. It was enough room for the two of us. We had  and spacious if we had people over. The landlord was just such and ass. Over time as per normal rent does increase and you just get over all your landlords B@!3s%&*

Living Expenses

Compared to Cape Town Spaza shops is not a thing around Sandton. Spice shops are ridiculously over priced here compared to home. Here is no stores like Shoprite Pep or Makro. You have to travel out. In a nutshell food and essentials watch out for checkers and PnP  and WoolWorths specials. They worth the pocket change that you will have left.

Ask For help

People are generally willing to guide or advice you if you had to ask. Reach out to people in a sincere manner. I know what it is like to be in a new town overwhelmed by your own expectations. I had so much pride I eventually had steam coming from my ears after running empty not knowing how to cope at times I feel like I have failed. Try chatting to a stranger which is quite normal that’s how friendly people are here. Your uber driver the gaubus driver. The person next to you on a bench. The always approach you in a non judgmental way.

Call Home

Those calls home meant everything to me especially in the beginning before things even got hard. I feel like it’s always best to not call just when you in trouble but make up for the time missed out. Ask what’s for supper. How your grandparents health are. If there is anything new and how the things are that may be old. Besides people cant help but share tragic news either which are golden convos that remind you why you in a new place and never loose sight of that ultimate reason. No matter how home sick you are. Video calls are the funniest. Pretending to fake phone freeze. The time whatsap call had no audio and I would write down my response on post notes and show it to the camera.

In case of Emergency

Have that savings account for that emergency rush to the hospital or flight home whatever. Get that credit card and be wise with it. Also have your ducks in a row register a local gp in your new city and keep your secondary gp at home. Find out what your registered hospital is for your medical aid plan. Update your emergency contact No. Have a emergency list in your new home. For private cabs or the local police station. Whatever you can think of in case of emergency. Have them thought out practically.





Scribbles from my Journal

Top 10 Entrepreneur Secrets

How to stop being just an employee by Keith Camelon Smith

This is a bit different for me. This is a sort of Book review but real talk entrepreneurship session. If you read Sticky Situations in Sandton.  You will know that after high school I struggled. I knew I couldn’t go study like everyone else. I needed to get a job. More importantly I needed to gain experience because everyone was looking to hire someone with experience.

 It was really tough I tried a lot of things. That year 2013 I sat at home basically unemployed.  I wasn’t really at home all day but that’s what they say when you don’t have a permanent J.O.B. I would go with Shaka to the library and apply to available vacancies and varsity even though I knew I had no money. I applied to nonpaying internships. A lot of the places I mailed never advertised nonpaying internships.  I just requested anyway. While I was on Cape Town Tv . That’s right but for now let me digress. 

Start Up Company experience

I interned at a startup registered company called DMC. My role was to market this start up on social media. It was BEE registered. I was in the process of being signed up legally for shares. Even though the company wasn’t really making money yet. I just absolutely lived each day for this experience.

I went with them to apply for tenders. Went to the manufacturing and supply headquarters. I even got to attend seminars and SMME workshops .Every day we had something lined up.  I corresponded with sales and marketing divisions from local shopping center management.

 Learning the how to and being exposed to entrepreneurial culture.  I worked with the owners. For 4 months till things fell apart. I learned on the go however the co-founder gifted me this book How to stop being just an employee by Keith Camelon Smith. 

I read it from start to finish.  There is nothing complicated about this book. l felt that the language used was easily understandable for my age at the time . The lessons learned in the book can vary. It’s not only about how to be a better boss but how you as an employer view your employees.  What the difference is between the two also.

I read this book years ago. It was 2013 I was 19 years old. I wrote a few things down in my journal.

Here are a few tips from the book. 

  • Differences between rich and poor is the mindset. Your mind is more important than your bank account. Don’t measure your dreams by the value in your bank account. You can’t be a rich person with a poor mindset. 
  • Train yourself to have a rich mindset. Whatever the brain can conceive it can achieve .The mind is strengthened at its best when it overcomes fear .What are you afraid of failing? If you don’t fall you will never know how to get back up. It’s a part of learning and knowing how to do better. 
  • Business is about people and learning how to relate and communicate with people. 
  • Connect and communicate with people in ways that inspire them to take action

Not giving too much away. No spoilers alert. If you can give this book a go. It took me a total of 4 evenings. To read and comprehend and journal notes. I think this is relevant to your day to day job and blogging spirit. 

Comment down below if you know the entrepreneurial struggle. What self-help books has guided you xoxo T

Scribbles from my Journal

20 Things for My 20 something Bucket List

Oh Miss Golly Molly here it goes… My declaration to myself before you

First off if you don’t know Your girl Shameless you welcome. Shameless Manifesto you can find here 

Shameless Maya – YouTube

“What would happen if I shamelessly promoted myself for 365 days?” My channel started out as a social media experiment and now it’s a lifestyle. I hope my jo…

so why are we being introduced to Maya when I am suppose to tell you about how I am going to kick ass with my Bucket List. Well stating this online and doing this in my personal time. Is measured on two different scales.  Maya has helped me in my personal time. If she has for me then hopefully she can pull through for you. 

Sharing this with You

Today the 21 July 2017. I declare that I will Embrace My 20’s. I will live for working hard on meaningful ventures. I will be active in community & will love and connect with people around me.  I will see the world beyond the parameters of South Africa’s back doors. I won’t limit my dreams based on my bank account. I have 7 Year’s to complete my 20 something Bucket List.

In my previous post I have listed how I got this situation started. I have looked at 4 areas and have listed 20 “must do items ” that I will have to complete before I am 30.

Here is my 20 Something Bucket List

Embrace the 20’s

  1. Find my personal Fashion Style. To rock Tutus and take as many pictures that will last for ages. Those vintage style images of my 20 something fashion Chronicles.
  2. Apartment Living Oasis . I always wanted a studio Apartment so now that I have been able to live in one. I really want to make effort into turning everyone of my living spaces into an oasis.
  3. Host and Attend epic home dinner parties and game nights. I want to experience night life. Attend socials as often as possible.
  4. No matter how far away from Home I am . That I will always post letters to my girls. My best friend , my cousin, God Daughter and Sister.


  1. We are going to live in L.A & The U.K
  2. We have to do more fun things as far as possible. Anything spontaneous and childlike. Including Kissing more.
  3. To study together whether it may be a short course or longer stuffies . We going to do this.
  4. Most importantly sharpen our faith. To be more active in all things Rivers (our church) and just know more about God together.


  1. Get connected. When I moved to Sandton all my neighbors walls were gigantic we hardly knew our neighbors. I want to get to know my neighbors each one of them Even if they don’t like me.
  2. To vote and be registered in my community
  3. Take on Charitable Projects which are self hosted
  4. To engage in community drives and activities


  1. Host a big Christmas with Family & Friends
  2. To have quality time spend with people who surround me
  3. Talk more to my grandparents
  4. Have the ultimate Girls Trip


  1. Build a name in the digital Space
  2. To Build a community of online friends
  3. My goal is to create long lasting friendships from my online buddies
  4. #goals to grow this into a full time creative thing. Wouldn’t  it be ideal to have this your 9-5 job