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Ain’t no rainbow shinning on me shades of gray is the colour I see

Tech Chic Chats are back

I began my YouTube Channel with videos titled Tech Chic . It hasn’t been doing too bad considering that I didn’t know what I was really doing.

I am happy to add that my 3rd Tech Chic  Video is due this week . On that note I would love to tell you more about it. The tech Chic Videos are all about those trendy and Savy products we have to have .They include technological  products and my reviews and recommendations. I keep you abreast with whats to come on the market. We check out forecast Related to cellular devices.  Launches of Flag ship units from Android to Apple  . This is my unbiased opinion on items accessible to everyone in South Africa.  I explore features and measures to be more Tech Chic and Savy in one take .

Today’s blog I want to ease you into what you can expect from my YouTube Channel. Please subscribe if you would like to grow with my channel . Like this post if you are interested in all things Tech Savy and let me know what you think in the comments below

Mr? Miss or Mrs Gray?

The products are themed well in the style of gray .  Gray tones  are  versatile in a office colour palette. Especially  for all you young professionals seeking tech items for your office space . It adds a classic approach to whatever look you going for. Need I say more ? Well Yasssss

Here are a list of Shady accessories killing the game today. They are must haves. They affordable and value for money . The colour gray is totally wearable with any day to day look. Gray shades can balance out edgy elements.You can be creative with it especially in the work space. The following are items I think are so cool.

Viva Midrad Covers

I die for these phone cases. I love how slim and sleek they are. They transparent and chic cases with undertone shades. The one shown above has gray tones however you can find them in a ray of different colors.

They retail from R149 to R299. Depending on what type of model you have plus or standard edition. New or perhaps the model might be older on the market. (Potential price differences are dependent on those factors)

These cases are not robust but if you like me who cant stand a bulky looking device and appreciates tempered glass and Insurance then this is a go Getter.


There is nothing worst than spending a ton of money on a phone case with the intention to avoid an insurance claim. (like you afraid you will drop your device.The screen will crack you know the usual) In the event if it get’s  stolen or you throw your cover  away after 2 years when you get a new device most likely. Insurance company’s don’t generally cover accessories like your cover they pay out for the actual device.

Travel Power Bars

A personal travel bar is a must in your office space regardless whether the company has enough power supplies.There is nothing more annoying than working in South Africa. Where load shedding is no stranger to us. Our premises has generators in the event of load shedding however they only last for a few hours.  I would rather be able to head to a coffee shop and be able to charge my devices.

This is great for when you at a cafe and need to charge more than one device. They portable and travel friendly.  This is perfect when you at an airport and charging booths are fully occupied. You can find them almost anywhere. This way you score on being productive and don’t loose hours out on work and you still gain your money despite having primary technical difficulties  . This is a secondary life saver .


I would purchase mine at any store that gives me a warranty that is reasonable. Budget for at least R299 when spending on a power bar.

Intone Earphones

Shamefully I have had more than one pair of these only because they were not well taken care of. They my go to brand in earphone choice. Great in quality. Precision sound high in performance.  All the goods is contained in these langsdom engineered earphones. You can answer your calls.They maintain the same performance quality even when using entry level tablets instead of your high-end cellphones. They about R249 each.

Check my Youtube Videos for how I take care of my earphones now .


 They come in handy at the office especially if you in between devices like Ipads and cell phones.  If you finicky like me and don’t like finger marks on your devices.They great for taking quick notes. They last me forever and you know I am pron to break things or loose them. They pretty durable and have rubber tips that are exchangeable. They retail for R49 upwards depending on how high tech you want yours to function.

 Portable Bluetooth speakers 

This will totally be dependent on your office culture. If you allowed to drop it like its hot  cause I fortunately can lol lets focus T This is not about you but hay you know what I am saying?

This works well for office meetings or presentations if audio aid is applicable.  I always try to promote all things affordable. So I will list two options below That I use on a daily in the office.


Retails for R399 this is more than fine for basic bass and multi functional purposes. You can take calls through this portable speaker. I use this at home for catching up on reviews from my I pad or phones.


On a high-end note I will introduce to you Beoplay they pretty pricey but hear me out. If you using an auditorium Beaoplay A1 is sufficient. If you need a long lasting battery life for a portable speaker. They brilliant for a 24 hr charge .Think of how useful they can be  for pop up stores or kiosk cubes. They retail for R4500. Voice interaction is compatible with each of them. If your company doesn’t mind splurging on something like this for you great. But trust me I know it’s a stretch from your own wallet and therefore I would recommend a Dlink Instead.

Drop down those comments to share your thoughts.Visit me on my growing YouTube Channel. xoxo T

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Cooking Sessions with T


Hay loves it has been a while since we had a chat about all things foodie.I have been loving the foodie bloggers on wordpress lately. Finding inspiration from different avenues is absolutely refreshing.

The last time I told you about my background in cooking which is none. Since my move away from home I have been learning the art of cooking ever since.

I know you guys I promised a cooking disaster blog post. Have no fear I shall do so soon. I would love to show my disasters in a fun way on YouTube. Look forward to that soon. If you haven’t check out my YouTube Section. Subscribe if you would like to grow with my channel. The Youtube Channel is called Bornfreewitht , it is currently under construction for better content. Subscribe ,I promise it will be worth the wait.



A meal I am absolutely proud of , which was a first for me. Are these bad boys above. A tomato breedie with sweet potato served with apple balsamic salad.


Tomato Breedie

  •  1 large Onion
  • Beef pieces/ beef goulash
  • 1 Clove garlic
  • Potato
  • Masala spice
  • bay leaves
  • Cinnamon spice
  • Sugar
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Tomato soup mix
  • 2 Cups of water
  • Olive oil / woolworths avocado and olive oil

Sweet Potato

  • 2 Large Sweet Potato
  • Cinnamon
  • 2 Cups of Water
  • Sugar
  • Basil / Coriander for garnish

Balsamic Apple Salad

  •  1 Apple
  • 1 tomato
  • half an onion
  • vinegar
  • sugar
  • lemon juice

Where no amounts have been allocated it is all dependent on your taste ie. how sweet, sour or spicy you want your meal


Chop onion and garlic fine.  Ensure they coated with oil in a sauce pan. Allow your onion and garlic to soften over medium heat. Once they soften add your beef pieces to the sauce pan until properly cook. Then add salt and pepper with a little water. Once your meat is cooked add potatoes with spices  and bay leaves, origanum or Italian herbs are great to add along if you have (optional). Allow your potatoes to soften cover with at least two cups of water. Stir occasionally. Check on your saucepan to ensure your meat does not burn. Once your potatoes have soften add tomato soup mix. Stir in  thoroughly to prevent any lumps. Cover with more water if needed. Add sugar in dependent on how sweet you would like your breedie. Stir until sauce thickens by this time your meat will be soft and tender.

Cook your sweet potato whichever makes sense to you. I have tried butter steamed with cinnamon. but my method is simple. Boil your sweet potato with cinnamon stick as is. with skin on. Once soften then you can add either olive oil,butter and more cinnamon spice. You can use two cups of water or more as long as your sweet potato is covered with enough water.

Chop onion,tomato and apple finely. In a bowl add your chopped ingredients . Add vinegar half covered lemon juice half covered. Add as much sugar as you want .Taste and stir until the sugar dissolves.Make sure you mix well.

If my instructions are useful and if you give this a go. Let me know what you think. Comment down below

The night before Shakas Birthday My bae. I made a macaroni bolognese with broccoli 

Cooking Sessions with T – YouTube

Apr 13, 2017 – Uploaded by Born Free with T

… it has been a journey to learn how to cook. Leave a comment and pop on over to my blog space for more https …

Sticky Situations in Sandton · Youtube Releases

All things Sweet from Birthday Treats

About Shaka’s Birthday

What to do when the bae is not into Birthday’s?

The 27th May Shaka my bae celebrated his birthday.  When I grew up Birthdays have always been a big deal. My aunts would always ensure I had a birthday card. When we were kids , party packets/lucky packets would be a big deal. Birthday dinners at Spur with the entire family was traditional.  Free ice cream with your kiddies spur card and of cause the Birthday cake and gifts lined up with candles. Looking back I was absolutely privileged in this regard. I could always invite my friends and my grandmother would always go out of her way to add something special to my day.


My Shaka on the other hand didn’t have birthday parties growing up. The struggle has been real to get him excited about his birthday. Recently we had the “Talk” nooooh not what you thinking. We just had a sit down conversation about why Birthdays is not a thing for him.


He kindly explained and honestly his explanation still makes no sense to me. That for someone who has lived 27 years not expecting anything .It is a bit weird getting excited now and expecting glitter and sunshine. I suppose putting it like this it should makes sense to me right? But no not really.


Birthdays should be a thing regardless. This is a short mile stone you reach each year. There are young kids who couldn’t live to see their Matric ball, first kiss you know. kiddos and young adults who left too soon.

Anyway I just wanted to chat to you about his birthday and I will savoir the awesomeness of mine in a next post.

We share our birthday in the same month.  We both Gemini’s and that’s not always a good thing most of the time its a disaster. But I like to think of it as a beautiful disaster.I have been asking him for weeks,  questions like what would be the perfect day? As hints to what he would really like for his birthday. However I would get answers like Arrrgh I don’t know ,anything doesn’t matter. Basically really unhelpful answers.

Shaka is a dancer, dance teacher, dance director. His all things dance. Clearly a perfect day would include him dancing. I wasn’t Hyped to go to this dance competition but its not about me focus T lol. It was surely about spoiling him. Going to this competition/ event was part of the no brainier thing to do.

This was hard to come up with something that will not only make him feel appreciated but my entire aim was for him to appreciate his birthday.

The night before

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach. The night before I cooked a bolognese. We watched films I wouldn’t normally watch with him. His into twisted horrors and action. As tensed as I was after watching the freakish movie . I was on a mission to surprise him with his favorite sort of cake. Peppermint caramel from the Farmhouse Fare in Benmore. Read up on Decadent delights for more.

I had it hid away with birthday candles. We finished the movie just before 12 AM . He took a bath as soon as he got out I was on stand by with his birthday cake.

The morning of the big day

The morning of his Birthday  I made breakfast. Croissants with tuna,lettuce and tomato. Yogurt with fruit was optional. This should be okay for someone who is not expecting anything right?

I had a small gift packaged for him. Nothing major just night time slippers, a caramel Cadbury spread that his been dying to try but its R59. Ridiculous right for spread anyway its a splurge. I had his fav snacks packaged Health Nuts in kgs.

We cuddled for a while it was really cold. He was then off to the office for 2 hours. We just chatted then went to the dance event. He had fun it was great and we left early to have dinner at Tashas in Sandton. We had a great evening. Shopped at Woolies for snacks and then came home. We sort of karaoked  Chase the Rappers album all night long and had a blast. It was really cold the best part for me was being in the comfort of our home after a gorgeous supper and having cake. A highlight for Shaka would be his cake.

Is he convinced to get into the spirit of birthday fun ? look forward to the next post to find out

Leave comments about your thoughts

Thanks for reading xoxo

Shaka My baes Birthday – YouTube

May 29, 2017 – Uploaded by Born Free with T

Shaka My baes Birthday. Born Free with T. Subscribe  1919. Loading… Loading …

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My breast ultrasound  Why would I need to examine my breast ? I am only 22


That is pretty much the song I have been singing since the age of 15. I felt a tender bump on the side of my one breast when I was very young . When I went to the local clinic I was advised that my body was just in development. This was something I would outgrow. My hormones needed to find balance .My menstrual cycle was irregular which could also be the cause of tender breast. If my parents were worried they were advised to pay for the necessary scans  .
Now lets be real . I come from a middle class family who did the best they could with providing essential care . Education , basic health and well being . I was considered privileged.  I grew up with grandparents who lived off a diminished retirement fund . Their health care was dependent on government aid which meant we had no medical insurance.  No one in our household at that time was covered with what we call medical aid.
For a tiny bump that was not severe and to spend over R500 for a scan and consultation fees of R300 +_ for a referral.  Was not a priority .
The older I became the more my breast changed. When you a teen and  never had an incident like this occur in your family you not sure whats normal.
My areola always looked a particular way and recently I questioned more and more of what exactly is normal pertaining breast tissue and skin of the breast .
The bump was still there and my skin was more itchy and painful. Skin around my areola would peel even when moisturized . This was becoming nerve wrecking .
Since I started working I have cover with medical aid and could go to a Dr but I felt so hesitant for a long time . There was no discharge or anything alarming. This enabled prolonging a check up.
Why do we wait until the last minute to take care of ourselves is a common question regarding heath care.
A Facebook friend who I haven’t met had been so open with sharing her scare of breast cancer and conquering it. Her bravery has been so inspiring. I learned so much through her feed on the importance of donating blood and early detection.  Please follow  Catherine Samuels Cloete she is amazing and post all things positively exciting .  She is active in the cancer awareness community. It’s great to learn from someone who makes you feel comfy about subjects like this. You can count on Catherine for borrowed pep in your step.
Watching someone I adored be brave about something so tense gave me the courage to be proactive . This also helped to be less ignorant about the age factor of breast cancer awareness. Catherine social links  Facebook Catherine Samsuels Cloete
Instagram cloetec007. Please give her a hi five  for her bravery to share her story through social media.
Catherine’s Images are from her social links and Mandy Sass Photography
when you think there is no way it can happen to you especially due to age or family history.This is still no good reason to not make your health care a priority. Interesting fact is my medical aid plan did not cover a x -ray mammogram scan. The total cost was R1700. I had to do some research and call an advisory to get covered for an ultrasound instead. The reason for the medical aid not covering was due to my age on the plan  Now in reality this is a lot of money for someone who already pays for medical aid monthly. What about those who are not on any plans and had more severe symptoms.
Health Care is expensive and this is one of the reasons 20 somethings put off the necessity to check up.
This experience really fascinated me . I have been obsessed with the Financial diet on YouTube. They explore the financial reality of 20 year olds trying to process life. Health is one of the subjects they touch on especially anxiety and depression. How too many adultees cant afford seeking help as they not taught in our culture to make it a priority. Having a car or living on their own is way more structured than paying for a therapist etc,

The Financial Diet – YouTube

The Financial Diet talks about personal finance in a way that doesn’t make you want to curl up in a ball and cry. Everything you wanted to know about money +.

The radiologist confirmed no traces of cancer and no abnormalities were detected. However I developed a form of eczema on my chest particularly around the areola. I have been placed on medication for it however this story wont end there.
I learned so much during this process I would like to continue This experience in another blog post.
Look forward to The Pink Ribbon review and breast cancer awareness myths and affordable ways for 20 somethings to add their health  care onto their budget.
Leave a comment down below share with a buddy who might find this useful and don’t forget to say hello to Cathy
Thanks for reading xoxo T
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That Youtube thing

Haaaay cuties

Its nice to catch up with this blog space honestly its so much fun to just write and share stuffies . I love reading through my experiences and borrowing them to someone else .
As you might have learned in my previous post I never liked sharing  my feelings with people. I always leaned onto the arm of art or  would simply keep things to myself  up until it was finally safe for me to have closed journals. (Safe in the sense of just living on my own and not having anyone read through my journal at home.)
Because I have experienced so much fun stuff you know like finally cashing in that savings using it all and then having to stare at the reality of loosing your job with nothing to fall back on. Or the time when small opportunities built character and added a ton of confidence within me. Those things I have learned are worth sharing for the heart that is meant to read through my story.
With that said I am trying to step out of my comfort zone and embrace my mistakes , trials and errors and I want to document them in a fun way. I started my Youtube Channel in late 2016 . It wasn’t too bad but hay it could have been better. After my Sticky Situations in Sandton ( first blog post)I picked up on it and have ever since created this blog space. I kept on being consistent with the youtube channel.
The channel is not based on monetization or a numbers game. I just want to build a channel for the heart that is meant to watch it. I have made a goal to upload weekly so that I have consistency on the YouTube station. I would love to  grow into being better however I have realized that I lack structure.
Structure is what I want to share with you today . Previously in my last post I shared that I always knew what I didn’t want  for myself but wasn’t ever sure of what I actually wanted . During a difficult time I had learned that it is more important to focus on what you do want than the things you don’t.  I have since used that to determine why I do whatever I choose . If there is anything you take away from this post I hope that you vividly see how important it is to not focus on the things you don’t want but to stand firm with what you do . I will add that it is important to find a sense of  structure This will promote consistancy and a timeline where you can check in on your goals and achievements.
Look forward to my youtube video coming soon on the Restructure of the channel and finding my branding style.
While you patiently waiting…
here are a few of my go to youtube channels if you curious to see who I am obsessed with lately
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International Channels

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Tanya Burr – YouTube

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Tanya Burr

Check out my blog: For business enquiries …


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Galaxy S8 Launch Chat

Haaaaay you guys thank you so much for stopping by. Literally a week ago Sandton hosted their own Samsung Galaxy S8 launch. I had no intention of going. I got the info the same day and said why not? I haven’t attended any cellular launches since I have been in the tech industry since 2014.This was the first to hopefully many. I am such a detailed orientated girl that the decor and food was sorter more important than the actual VHR. While we on that subject lets start there. The event started at 7 pm as you walk in you get your tag filled with vouchers for alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Each attendee was given a card which represented this cool game you had to play. The game entailed that you would go to each activation station either to take a selfie or learn about “BIXBY” and the art of wine and how wine connoisseurs partnered with Samsung. Once you completed each of the task you could collect a goody bag.

As you stepped into the venue the entry way had this exquisite fountain that showcased the IP 68 feature (water and dust resistant). The fountain had this colour toned lighting effect which was the perfect backdrop for selfies. ProVerb South African Radio and TV Personality was the host of the presentation. The line up included Southern Africa’s Samsung President their marketing chair and technicians that broke down the specs. On the decks for entertainment was DJ Fresh radio personality. They both did an excellent job at keeping the crowed hyped. The food was served by a chef and waitors. It wasnt a formal sit down affair. The ambiance was like a well styled casual setting. The dress code was smart casual. My ootd was a skinny jean paired with a glamed brown heel with a simple t shirt and a cardigan.

okay aside from the setting and theme here is the part that you should be most excited about.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Flagship

The design is as slim and sleek as the previous S7 ,It has an ergonomic grip. They available in various colours from midnight black,maple gold,coral blue,orchid gray and artistic  silver. Both devices the S8 and S8 Plus are nearly just all screen. The best way to understand that is checking out Casey Neistats YouTube video.

The only downfall for me is when you want to use the secondary camera and you dont have a selfie stick its really hard to not have your finger in the way of the filming motion. Finding a grip is tricky without the help of device sticks.

Security Yes it has the iris scanner for convenience. I don’t have much to add on it because I never got to test this function out yet. I will check in with you once I can.

Bixby is like Samsung’s Siri. She has vision and voice recognition. The artificial intelligence sort of replaces google assistance. Bixby is new to the flagship device.

Camera capturing selfies has been solely improved enabling crisp and faster snaps. F1.7 lens are used for clear and vivid images fun things like stickers ,filters and stamps are updated.

Earphones Samsung has partnered with AKG Harman for pure and well tuned engineering sound experience.

Memory S8 and S8 Plus are now released with 64G on-board memory. The device is expandable up to 256 for external memory cards. Yay!! I have a S7 with 32 G on board and a memory card 32G both of which is full. This is a good start for me

360 Gear Controller with VHR & Samsung Dex This feature I will just leave pending. The que was extremely long to try those gadgets out but from what I was informed this is a super convenient way of getting creative and finding convenience to indulge.

Connectivity USB Type C sort of  self explanatory bye bye micro usb cables

Processor Octa Core 10nm “Speedikanjalos” a thing they use to say as a kid for fast faster fastest

Those were the top New Features for me ,their are tons of blog post and videos online that you should check out. My advice to any one who wants to commit themselves to a 2 year cellphone contract or splurge R15000+- on a device. Research is key and actually testing out a demo unit . You absolutely have to ,  I cant stress that enough. Also insure any device that cost over R5000. That is a lesson my aunt taught me and living in the grown up world I sympathies why.

Check out my Youtube Clip for footage of the launch. Subscribe,  like and comment all footage was taken from my S7. As much as a New Device is New and trendy  I am going to have to sit out on this one due to upgrading last year. Let me know your thoughts.Have a great week.

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Easter DIY 2017

Haaaay cuties Hope you have been well. This past long weekend was such a winner for me. The weather is always gloomy this time of year but it is the perfect excuse to get cosy . I caught a cold earlier on in the week so being stuck in bed was awesome to give a few DIYs a go. 20170412_223120

I fell in love with Pinterest 2years ago. A colleague introduced me to it. If you don’t have an account I suggest you get one. It is life changing for creative hearts. On Pinterest there are a bunch of great diy ideas especially for Easter.

   The original image found on your left was the inspiration behind my piece of art. The concept is super smart. It wasn’t one of those messy projects with paint or glitter also the egg stays in perfect conditions allowing you to use the egg for actual cooking. To the creative take on the egg diy I attached a gift that I did a while ago. The referred gift is a personalized prayer frame.This is an awesome gesture especially this time of the year. All you need is an A4 photo frame. An A4 Photo or Black and White A4 Copy of a picture. You can add a prayer or a scripture on it .Personalized for your loved ones you can pass them around at the seat of your table. It adds a sentimental touch to what the entire weekend is about. Forgiveness Love and New Life from within.

Original Image from Pinterest

 It was really hard trying to find marble wrapping paper but hay it wasn’t a train smash . I came across this gorgeous lace wrapping paper at CNA for R25. In the theme of Easter I added all my prayer books in there but surely you could add whatever you want. Easter magazines for cooking , diys whatever floats your boat. This was so easy and such a cool element to the white and green colours added to the decor.  Book Holder

The last addition to my Diy Project was my chalk board that I badazzled . It went well with the colour scheme and the dish with coriander and the rustic white elements .20170416_155124