Sticky Situations in Sandton

Dessert Talk

 About that effort we need to make to have great dinners at home!

Quick, easy ,quality time desserts during the week for two

A Follow up from my last post below

When we lost our Romance A young love with Shaka Series

Quick Catch up

Haaaay dolls  I hope you had a great week. This has been exhilarating for me . Chatting to you and interacting with an existing community base of bloggers. This is something I am totally sticking to. The world is evolving and I will add , At first  I was hesitant to join WordPress for the sake of following other bloggers. The stretch you have to endure before you can listen to a local artist ( you have to join sound cloud) etc,

Once I got over myself and  truly engaged with these mediums it took me a while to find the courage with creating my own space of sharing and caring. I have to say trying blogging and youtubing is no easy task when you really want to create standards.

In a nut shell what I am trying to say  is that I am having so much fun and I want to express my sincere gratitude to you who have followed and checked out my youtube channel.

Cooking Sessions with T – YouTube

Apr 13, 2017 – Uploaded by Born Free with T

… it has been a journey to learn how to cook. Leave a comment and pop on over to my blog space for more https …

Thank you for choosing to grow with me .Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs.


internet hugs and kisses to you

Dessert of the week for an easy quality time treat



  • Swiss roll Jam or caramel your choice
  • Custard you could either prefer to make or buy ( I made mine, bought custard is too sweet generally for a Swiss roll with caramel or jam in my opinion)
  • Strawberry’s
  • coconut
  • Ginger biscuits


Slice Swiss roll into cake size pieces, layer in between with ginger biscuits add custard as sweet as you prefer it add strawberry’s and coconut for decor

less than 10 mins for preparation depending on whether you making your own custard

Sticky Situations in Sandton

Yes I was in tears the Morning of my Birthday

A beautiful disaster

31 May 2017 I celebrated my 23rd Birthday . The night before I went straight from work to a meeting that ended at 10:30 pm. The living pad was a mess . It was my turn to do dishes so I knew I had that to do. Cook, have a bath , do my hair etc,

What drove me nuts was the following. Shaka and I both came home the same time. Our place was a mess . We should both be tidying up but he didn’t. We were both in a rush the morning earlier .You know I completely get that we both placed ourselves in this predicament.  We should have prioritized or who are we kidding  we should have just woken up earlier.
When we got home it was already to 11 pm. He went straight to his phone ,played games  and watched anime . He Did absolutely nothing while I cleaned . I was fuming internally at this point. What the fudge you guys if you read my previous post of his birthday. It was a complete dream. Correct me if I am wrong I know your partner cant duplicate your gestures but could at least show  consideration.  Its my birthday in the next hour and apart from the fact that his not helping  his instead on his cellphone playing games .
Once I was done cleaning I was so over having my hair done . I took a hour long bath, half way asleep. The bath tub was filled with bubbles ,scented oils ,candles and I did a face mask. I just needed to chill out but I was fuming regardless.
At 12 am  he came to knock on the door to wish me a happy birthday.
The next morning
I was off for a few hours from work and was expected to be at work by 1 pm. This was intentional so that the bae and I could do something fun on my birthday. I couldn’t exactly get off so pulling off a half day thing should have been worth while. I woke up at  6 am knowing I had limited time to do what I wanted . He was quite aware but continued to sleep on. I had an appointment to do my nails at 10 am.

5 Star Birthday Treat

Pink Ribbon Manicure Express by Beauty Nails on 11th Parkmore
This was surely a highlight of my day. I never treat myself with a manicure . Attending my breast Ultrasound at the Pink Ribbon in Sandton. They gifted their clients with an express manicure voucher for the month of May. I wasn’t in the greatest mood so having my nails done would have been the best pick me up. I met with Beauty (the owner ) at her nail salon called Nails on 11th Parkmore. She really transformed my vibe .You walk into her office space . The room decor is lovely. Professional and chic. Her tools were laid out . She radiated with positive feels. We chatted about all things feminine and empowered . Her initiative for her vouchers and business is worth supporting . Here are her contact details below.
Chronicles of Rage
After my session with beauty I went home and was so upset that the day was nearly over . The best gift I gave myself was ending up utilizing my manicure voucher . cause shaka clearly woke up only then and I had to be at work in the next few hours. I did not  hold back and shared how upset I was . Birthdays are a big deal for me . Particularly cause I am away from home and my family. His all I have in this city along with people I met along the way. Surely I was depending on him to warm my heart.
He left not long after I burst into tears with disappointment .He didn’t say where he was going he just sent data and call time to my cell. My boss at this point told me I could get off the entire day I just needed to come in for an hour . I went in still fragile due to the rough morning .
On the bright side
As I walked into work . My colleague just gave me a hug at a time I needed it the most . I started tearing up and just said I am home sick. I walked into the back office and just saw this bunch of balloons. My manager asked me to pretend as if I never saw them. The first thing that went through my mind was how other people made me feel more warmth than shaka my bae . Two seconds later my colleagues sang me a happy birthday.  A beautiful vanilla cake with candles and gifts arrived . My boss told me to guess who this was from and you wouldn’t guess ? This was all Shaka .
He texted me to tell me there was  more in store and that is why he had to leave me at home for a while . He knew I had an entire day off and planned the whole thing. He took a gautrain to shop for my gifts at H&M home And ordered in my fav pizza for dinner .
My last post about his birthday answers my posing question. Is he now more in the spirit of birthday bliss than before. I think we getting there. 
Thanks for reading
Comment your thoughts
xoxo T
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All things Sweet from Birthday Treats

About Shaka’s Birthday

What to do when the bae is not into Birthday’s?

The 27th May Shaka my bae celebrated his birthday.  When I grew up Birthdays have always been a big deal. My aunts would always ensure I had a birthday card. When we were kids , party packets/lucky packets would be a big deal. Birthday dinners at Spur with the entire family was traditional.  Free ice cream with your kiddies spur card and of cause the Birthday cake and gifts lined up with candles. Looking back I was absolutely privileged in this regard. I could always invite my friends and my grandmother would always go out of her way to add something special to my day.


My Shaka on the other hand didn’t have birthday parties growing up. The struggle has been real to get him excited about his birthday. Recently we had the “Talk” nooooh not what you thinking. We just had a sit down conversation about why Birthdays is not a thing for him.


He kindly explained and honestly his explanation still makes no sense to me. That for someone who has lived 27 years not expecting anything .It is a bit weird getting excited now and expecting glitter and sunshine. I suppose putting it like this it should makes sense to me right? But no not really.


Birthdays should be a thing regardless. This is a short mile stone you reach each year. There are young kids who couldn’t live to see their Matric ball, first kiss you know. kiddos and young adults who left too soon.

Anyway I just wanted to chat to you about his birthday and I will savoir the awesomeness of mine in a next post.

We share our birthday in the same month.  We both Gemini’s and that’s not always a good thing most of the time its a disaster. But I like to think of it as a beautiful disaster.I have been asking him for weeks,  questions like what would be the perfect day? As hints to what he would really like for his birthday. However I would get answers like Arrrgh I don’t know ,anything doesn’t matter. Basically really unhelpful answers.

Shaka is a dancer, dance teacher, dance director. His all things dance. Clearly a perfect day would include him dancing. I wasn’t Hyped to go to this dance competition but its not about me focus T lol. It was surely about spoiling him. Going to this competition/ event was part of the no brainier thing to do.

This was hard to come up with something that will not only make him feel appreciated but my entire aim was for him to appreciate his birthday.

The night before

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach. The night before I cooked a bolognese. We watched films I wouldn’t normally watch with him. His into twisted horrors and action. As tensed as I was after watching the freakish movie . I was on a mission to surprise him with his favorite sort of cake. Peppermint caramel from the Farmhouse Fare in Benmore. Read up on Decadent delights for more.

I had it hid away with birthday candles. We finished the movie just before 12 AM . He took a bath as soon as he got out I was on stand by with his birthday cake.

The morning of the big day

The morning of his Birthday  I made breakfast. Croissants with tuna,lettuce and tomato. Yogurt with fruit was optional. This should be okay for someone who is not expecting anything right?

I had a small gift packaged for him. Nothing major just night time slippers, a caramel Cadbury spread that his been dying to try but its R59. Ridiculous right for spread anyway its a splurge. I had his fav snacks packaged Health Nuts in kgs.

We cuddled for a while it was really cold. He was then off to the office for 2 hours. We just chatted then went to the dance event. He had fun it was great and we left early to have dinner at Tashas in Sandton. We had a great evening. Shopped at Woolies for snacks and then came home. We sort of karaoked  Chase the Rappers album all night long and had a blast. It was really cold the best part for me was being in the comfort of our home after a gorgeous supper and having cake. A highlight for Shaka would be his cake.

Is he convinced to get into the spirit of birthday fun ? look forward to the next post to find out

Leave comments about your thoughts

Thanks for reading xoxo

Shaka My baes Birthday – YouTube

May 29, 2017 – Uploaded by Born Free with T

Shaka My baes Birthday. Born Free with T. Subscribe  1919. Loading… Loading …

Sticky Situations in Sandton

May 2017 Breast Ultrasound , Sisters Magazine Launch ,Birthdays and Food

The month of May has been quite cold and filled with things to do. As you may know I moved into a New living pad just 3 months ago. Around this time I started a blog, joined a connect and have been in the process of bedazzling my New home. I also turned 23 on May the 31st and shared the birthday spirit with my bae Shaka. He too had a birthday to celebrate on the 27th.

I have found a sort of consistent pattern on YouTube and am in the process of creating structured content. My obsession with food is always evolving. I am getting better at cooking nudge nudge wink wink. and oh yeah I had a breast ultrasound scheduled in this past month.
I have challenged myself in ways I would never dare before and have truly broken out of my comfort zone.
It has been quite a bit to digest and normally I would be overwhelmed with adding my day to day J.O.B  to the load. However that Connect Group in Parkmore made all the difference to the road ahead.
Lets recap :The Connect Group was an opportunity provided by our Church at Rivers in Sandton. The group is a platform for church goers to interact with each other .Especially those who live in the same vicinity. Being  a Newly Parkmore resident this was a great way to get to know our neighbors. The connect has not only introduced me to people but has been therapeutic and spiritually great in every way. This has taught me so much about others.Having dinner with people who are like minded and fresh in perspective has been helpful. I found comfort and refuge in these meetings and have since committed to investing more time into “more” things Rivers.
I decided its been a while I need to hook up with my girlfriend’s in Sandton. I invited two amazing souls to a Sisters meet up at Rivers  . This is a get together group for all Fems to head to church on one Friday of each month. This meet up is titled Sisters and is a great opportunity for girls to socialize. Fems of all ages and race groups attend. The evening is listed with activities and a message  . This particular Night was the Sisters Magazine launch. There is a lovely cafe where you can meet new people or just catch up with your girlfriend’s. If you make it early you can immerse yourself in the luxury of getting an express manicure and pampered treatment.
The chronicles of May is one to not miss out on . In this post I have highlighted just a few . Look forward to break downs of each event this week.
 Leave comments of what was great about your month of May and if anything has  prepped you for the road ahead?
Stay cozy and be a Candy Coated Dream
Sticky Situations in Sandton

Friday the 17th

Have you ever had that day where everything went from bad to worst .Well that sums up my past Friday. I do not want to bore you with the sadden bits of my sitcom . What I will share is that we all have a moment or two when we in these Sticky Situations .
In fact this whole week sucked for me. Let me just get that right out of my system. I felt anxious I felt disappointed upset let down and had the lowest self esteem I have ever had. I felt like I couldn’t trust myself. I failed at standing up for myself and when I did, I failed at sparing the next person’s feelings . When shiz happens it is inevitable . How do you push through it?
I am away from home and all the things I’ve  known for 2 years and counting.  I created  a world of my own. I maintain having intimate relationships.  When I need to I call home I speak for hours . I plunge my focus on Youtubers and Bloggers that becomes a sorter guide for me. I have a great Church Family at Rivers in Sandton . I have devotion time  with myself. I journal and Pray . I plan out girl dates and spa nights. Shaka the bae and I try to explore as much as we can and work non stop to get closer to our goals .
As candy coated as my world was created to be nothing ever goes according to Plan or unforeseen circumstances arises . You faced with challenges perhaps when things just turned out to be good . Relationships become tarnished . You carry scars from disappointment and you doubt yourself or become isolated in a room full of people.
 It always sucks to be in a predicament but its important to push through it. I found that the most challenging experiences I have had is when you give up on yourself that is the moment people give up on you.
How do I not quit on myself? Here are some of the things that helped me through crappy situations 
  • If God shows up for you you need to show up for him
  • Count your blessings
  • Hearing the word of God
  • This life is not about you
  • Indulge in the Pretty Things
There is always light at the end of the tunnel and often we just need perspective from a birds eye view . I told my Mom all the things that were bothering  me and as much as she encouraged me she said ‘Here is where I thought you went wrong” and that is exactly what I needed someone who was honest and willing to unwrap the bandages of my wounds .When you get gory at the seed of your wrong doings you figure out how to make them right.
I never jumped at the idea of blogging I was so self conscious of not having a writers voice . When I get to jot down the Chronicles of my life I feel so grateful to have this privilege . Whether it might not be grammatically on point or perfectly drafted as bloggers do. I know more and more that this is meant for the heart who is meant to follow my story . Whoever you are I hope that my honesty makes you feel not alone in all the things I share. xoxo Sticky Situations in Sandton
Sticky Situations in Sandton

My weekly Top 3

Last week I decided to share with you my Top 3 locations around Sandton. The perfect spots to enjoy something sweet titled as my Decadent delights. Here are a few of the top places I absolutely love going to and would highly recommend.

When I relocated to Johannesburg I discovered the franchise Fournos Bakery. If you fortunate enough to travel and have a stop at  the OR Tambo airport. You would notice the bakery located at this pit stop however I do not think it does justice to the actual Fournos experience. It surely is a Jozi thing. The first store was opened in the shelters of Rosebank Johannesburg. Today there are plenty more stores spread across the Gauteng Region. Fournos has been voted Johannesburg’s best bakery time and time again. Benmore Gardens store is normally my go to. Very intimate and opened in the early hours of the morning. The store in Fourways is much more spacious and decadent too. Give it a go!

Mug and Bean is a classic South African restaurant. The establishment exist since 1996. The first store was opened at the V&A Waterfront. Mug and Bean has become a shelter of good memories between my family members and especially my Shaka the bae. Whats not to love about their menu and the cosy setting in each store whether it is located at the heart of the ocean or inside a shopping center. My fav Mug and Bean stop in the Gauteng region is definitely at Sandton City. Shaka and I have familiarized ourselves with most of the waiters. A selection of my Go To breakfast meals are Power Breakfast Bowels,Egg Benedicts and a classic chicken and Mayo Sandwhich. Mug and Bean is not just a destination for the perfect breakfast but serves lunch and dinner. Cocktails at Mug and Bean is a Must too. Believe it or not I dont do coffee but I love being in a cafe setting . Luckily for me they serve alternative warm drinks that are just as amazing.

Ninos Lets get together . Nino Bompani what a legend.  The founder is an Italian immigrant whom had called South Africa home in the 70s. I first discovered Ninos when I lived in Rivonia at the Rivonia Village restaurant. What a place to have a great meal. I had no idea there were franchises in Cape Town until I kept boasting about it to my family and friends. From Salads,pizzas,pasta you name it Ninos deliver an awesome experience.

Ninos Rivonia Sandton
Ninos Rivonia Sandton
Sticky Situations in Sandton

Decadent delights in Sandton

Sandton Johannesburg , known as the richest square mile in Africa. Home to the historical Rivonia treason trial. It is surely Rich within minerals,investors and its social mainstream. Sandton is Residence to thousands of  foreign internationals. South Africans from the coast to the plateau regions have all traveled and planted permanent residency here. The city boast with its opulent  lifestyle and promotes the urgency to win in everything you do.
I absolutely love it here.
This has been home for 2 years and counting. If you checked out my first blog post you will totally get my obsession with the pretty things. If you haven’t give it a read. There are tons of places I have fallen in love with .I decided to create a weekly Top 3. Here are a few of my treated destinations.
Technically this location does not fall within the parameters of Sandton however Fourways Food Market  in Sandton does justice to the same dish. Love Boats are gourmet foods served on a boat shaped plate. The first time I enjoyed a love boat was at Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein.  A Beautiful place on a Saturday.  An artsy hub for all.  At this location I was introduced to lots and lots of other gourmet treats however love boat meals when served warm was a total winner . Beautifully orchestrated and Affordable  . It is accessible at a few market places however the locations I will rave on about are definitely at Fourways Food Market and Braamfonteins Neighbourgoods Market Place.
Hyde Parks Exclusive book store does a superb job with its setting .The scenery for an open office space and  wait for it leisure experience lol is spectacular .  Not only do they rank champion in my opinion to the best book shop I have been to. They have a social restaurant separated from the quiet space created for the reader. As icing on the cake they sell the best brownies too. I was at a Job interview in Hyde Park and notice the shopping center was close by. It was my first time visiting the center. The vibe and exclusivity is definitely opulent.  A sure winner is this particular book store. The aroma of a good cup of coffee adds to the style the store surely portrays. I am not even a fan of coffee but I can asure you the smell works in favour of the scenery.I can tell you it is soooh good. The cafe experience is worth the taste. It is affordable and a great place to gain inspiration from.
Finally the place I visit the most often Benmore Gardens Farmhouse Fare store. The farmhouse Fare store is a cake shop situated at the heartbeat of my everyday .Nudge Nudge Wink Wink .I work close by to this decadent destination.  It is hard to resist their fluffy sweet textured cakes. Their cakes are always fresh and a delight treat even if its no ones birthday .I am not going to lie their cakes are not visually appealing for your social feeds however they are worth eating. Sometimes we keen to try the most well orchestrated treats. Truth be told they not always enjoyable. You want to eat those photogenic treats in a very delicate manner and try not to ruin the art of its creation. If you ever feel that way have no fear head on over to Benmore Gardens popular bakery store.For a simple yet enjoyable treat.
Sticky Situations in Sandton

Something about those Thirst Quenchers 

My first encounter with alcohol was with my bestie Jodie Johnson now known as Mrs Lewis. We were 13 years old…. oh stop it dont you judge me. Kidding not kidding . An entire bottle of Vodka to ourselves and oh boy oh boy did that night not end well .I am sure to be a social drinker . A red wine is perfect for just myself or cockatils with great company but thats about it . I am down for virgin fun drinks any day all day . Theres something about a colourful well thought out drink intended to make you feel some type of way . Alcholic or non alcholic . I use to be addicted to fizzy drinks until I was on high school. I nearly developed a gastro stomach.

Electric Blue Cocktail at Primi Piati

The senastionable feeling of liquid like waves on your tongue entering into the foreshores of your body. Thirst quenches that ignites awarness on your palet. A cooling desire for more and more ready to satisfy a never ending thirst.Thats the same way I would describe my appetizing thirst for nuturing my relationships .

Death is the worst wake up call for valuing each other. We all gulity of being so focused on nothing else but ourselves , our careers and goals.

I refuse to wait on a breaking point to know I need to nuture my relationships more. Im guilty of being too busy to pick up the phone when someone calls . Noticing messages but forgetting to respond. Choosing to be busy for finacial gain neglecting those most important. Working so hard and being so exhausted. Allowing my choices to exhaust my energy in result… I fail to spend time with those who need my time more than anything.

Virgin Mojitos with my Family

I felt guilty for a while sometimes  I still do . I feel like I am being selfish for wanting to be in a different city for opportunities while I miss out on time with my family . Missing out on my God daughters mile stones. My sister telling me who her newest crush is. Birthdays and weddings. Being there to catch my bestie at times when she might fall.

Its been hard but the extra effort has proven to be worth it.The effort to push through ,live ,learn and grow. When you know better you do better.  I remember last year being choked up just a few hours before going to the airport feeling like I did not spend enough time with everyone.  What if I leave and something bad happens to a particular person who I failed to spend  enough time with .  The feeling was so intense I called my mom in the middle of the night to reassure me its going to be fine either way. No duh was my reaction like how was it going to be fine either way?

My mommy and I

Theres something about that thrirst quenching relationship.In the mist of a paralysing state ,while tearing up on a phone my mother gave me a scripture and used the goals I accomplished to comfort me. She  reminded me of the valuable things that I have done not just for myself but the people I love and those who love me.

Fun fact my mother was at  first hestitant for a long time about my decision to move to Jhb. I would have thought her reaction to my phone call would be responded by “I told you so”. However she approcahed me with compassion and an indescribable calming sense of love. Moments like these taught me how important it is to value relationships. I am thirsty to be apart of someones journey. Theres nothing more signifacant than playing a role in the life of someone else. Wether your part is big or small.

Video calls are fun, chatting can be useful on social platforms but I suck at responding. Mrs Lewis and I the O.G bestie have this email chain that works well between us. Long phone calls has been working wonders for me. Catching up for 30 mins to an hour kilometers apart. Getting pictures sent of memories made when seperated. I could never get enough of When texts come through that reads Tarron we missed you because  its Shushi nights from my sister and my mom etc,.

The bitterly sweet gestures of affirmation in this case is Appreciating the well aged bonds at home and opening up to  New friendships in my new city.  Praying for my loved ones on a daily has helped me mature spiritually and has influenced the unshakable treasures of relationships.  Having those visits in jhb from family and friends has been interesting . Being able to go home does wonders to my soul. Its possible to find balance when you create the time to make it possible.Do  whatever it takes while you can to value the people who surround you. Colouful unscripted drinks last forever and so do the whispers of memories. Hope you found this read insightful from my Sticky Situations in Sandton. Xoxo T

Sticky Situations in Sandton

Life is Short you better make it Sweet

Waffles there’s nothing more tastier than Mug and Beans Famous Waffles.  At least it use to be for as long as it was apart of their menu.Toasted almonds with Ice cream soften to perfection with warm decadent chocolate sauce. Hapiness at the tip of your tongue.

Waterfront Cape Town

It was an early morning where the bae “Shaka” and I were on my way to way to work . Traveling to the V&A Waterfront where I worked as a store greeter at the Vodashop. oh Yes I was a Greeter we will get into that in just a sec. At the time this was not the job occupation I hoped for but hay you have got to start somewhere?

I deemed the  V&A Waterfront as my Kingdom . South Africas touristic playground . I leanerd so much there how to network ,socialise,be professional ,work hard. Dudes!!! I worked shifts .Sometimes voluntariy double from 9 am to 9 pm. I made the best of friendships . Amazing people who I still get to stay in touch with now. The people I worked with made me work harder . Always motivated and encouraging. I earned decent money under the circumstances.

Again I had great expectations for my future and experienced many failed attempts . I could not afford to lay down registration fees for varsity. My plan to do courses in Germany failed. Earning enough money to bring home from a Job at Cape Town Tv failed. Interning at radio staions didnt open a single door. I wasnt well branded and told I have the body of a 12 year old to join an elite Casting agency. Interning at a start up company was a epic failure. I went to an interview everyone told me not to go to beacase it was only based on comission . Yet I was determined to go and not sit at home unemployed and abled to work . My determination nearly killed me. I was on my way  while Shaka and I were in an accident on the highway. We were in a taxi trying to find the place while the tire burst and a taxi with 16 passengers fliped off the road landing into a ditched. Shaka literally pulled me out a glass window to get me out of the seat. Scary ish but thank God I live to tell the tale . I tried promotions on a comission basis at a petrol station which was yet another fail. Not even the interview at Cash Crusaders was nailing it.

Shaka and I were sort of dealing with my rejection. Just before our waitor arrived he told me that we going to move and be surrounded by people in the same frame of mind as we were. It was just a feeling and something he wanted to get off his chest coming from the experience mentioned above. I didnt think much of it my eyes were fixed on the well orchestrated plate arriving with the aroma scented a few feet away.  Before I dugged in, I said you know what? what do we have to loose if we literally moved. We didnt know the place or the timing. All we had was a burning desire to believe in the life we wanted.

I remember sitting in the resturant overlooking the ocean . Being in the middle of Cape Towns most stunning scenary . The sound of my imagination ran wild with possibilities . 

12 months later we totally did it. We moved and surely  everything came to reality. Its always a working process bounded by the faith of a mustard seed.

I decided to document a sort of open journal through this blog. For whoever this is meant for but also myself paging through a digital album. I never imagined the people I would meet ,or the place I got to live in .The opportunities I have been given or the boardrooms I walked in. What a Sticky Situation coming from Sandton . It all began with a convo while waiting for satisfying waffle.

Sticky Situations in Sandton

“Our treasure lies in the beehive of our knowledge”

There is a saying that patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.Nothing proves testament to that more than the start of my 20s. What I can be sure of is that nothing goes according to plan. When I completed High School. I was surely culture shocked with life outside of my imagination. I never dreamed the world to be cold and inevitably inconsistent. It was the year 2012 that I Matriculated from Mondale High. Before hand I knew there were no parental policies or any financial support to enter into a first year at university. Despite any possible funding from a financial aid. At the time I could not afford registration fees or transportation to the university besides the heroes that raised me lived off a diminishing retirement fund and government aid.  For a second my reality frightened me because I had greater expectations for my future. I never knew how the light was going to be brighter at the end of the tunnel or how I could find breath in my lungs when all I felt on a daily was anxiety.img_20160903_210216.jpg

If it were not for the shoulders I stand on and the prayer warriors from friendships and family members. I would not have found the courage to be bold and strong with the decisions I made thereafter. A part of me felt guilty that I am choosing to feel anxious and sadden about things that revolve around me and what I want. At this point I learned that life is way more curvaceous than my own goals. Selfless experiences and love in all its dimensions is what makes life worth while. The sweet taste of learning from your mistakes is way more palatable than the regurgitating fear of never wanting to fail. I am inspired by my peers I have never felt engulfed or under pressure . I always make sure to use their achievements as a source of motivation. The worst thing you can do to yourself is feel envious towards someone who is winning.

Life is surely like a box of chocolates you never know what you going to get .I was recently experiencing a sticky situation in Sandton. I felt the same way I did a couple of years ago .I paged through my journal and discovered how fearful I was then and how I have grown since. Its amazing that feeling a certain type of way in the past can prepare you for what you going to feel in your future. Who would have known that it would be in a different city away from all that I have known.

My aunt Adele Raybin always encouraged a lemon meringue,coca cola and a crunchy bar of chocolate.  The perfect remedy to feel what you need to feel and be powered with all its  kilo joules to get over yourself. I have however found it more soothing to bake what was in my kitchen and get an edible bunch of flowers for a bit of glam.

Pretty things and decadent delights honestly adds to the joy of life. There are countless moments in my life thus far that I wondered how I was going to get through a difficult experience. An encounter with death,anxiety,not having any money any plan any sense of security within myself. Some of my best memories I value are when  I am in a breath taking setting with a gorgeous group of people eating the most mouth watering meals or desserts. I kid you not this is not a cure for any crappy experience but its worthwhile glancing at pretty things you appreciate.

Rivonia Sandton with my side chic

A few months ago my Jozi side chic,a good friend and I met up at a time when I most sure as heck needed inspiration and she needed to confide in all things pertaining to adulting. This was so not planned and I had two boys in the house after we just whipped up a good setting. She came over in her pjs . We had scented candles lit with delicious snacks. Rice cakes, lamingtons ,krips avocado dip , a strawberry honey and mustard salad with Amarula. A few things in the fridge and snacks in the pantry. Check out her Instagram for more moments captured of that evening  @valgovender617.

I have been dating my bae known as “Shaka “for 7 years and counting. His not generally romantic but he knows that I am a lover of all things appetizing. We relocated to Sandton Jhb in 2015.fb_img_14880177794771

Ever since my best friend and I have been separated. Jodie Johnson who is now Mrs Lewis. We have been besties since Grade R. God deserves all the credit for our 19 year and counting friendship. The bitter sweet part of moving away and loosing her physical presence is gaining a spiritual charm. I could never replace the beating heart of a 19 year  old  friendship however the bae “Shaka” surely knows how to cheer up my mood when I am missing my best friend. Mrs Lewis and I always had this thing of having Ice cream on a cold raining day. Shaka doesn’t understand the logic but he knows that in a weird way ice cream on a cold day makes sense to me so he will get it anyway.

However life unfolds for you appreciate the pretty things bitter or sweet. From my heart to yours Sticky Situations in Sandton. xoxo T