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Moments with Lizel

Have you ever met someone whom you could totally NOT imagine yourself being good friends with. Fast forward nearly 3 years later . Well that is pretty much the start of how I met Momentswithr&l.
I always point out reference to her blog but let me tell you more about the author from my perspective.  A few months after I started my blog Lizel my dearest collegue was finally convinced about giving blogging a go. Today we are not just colleagues but blog besties.

Today’s post is all about our friendship and how giving things a go could shift change in your life for the better

If you don’t already know by now I am about that positive vibe. What’s the worst that could happen? Outweigh your options and give your gut a good work out.
When I first started working at a new branch via my relocated transfer. I didn’t know what to expect. I was in a new city in a different work culture . Like the culture shock was real you guys!In cape Town we appreciate lunch time and fully embrace it. In Johannesburg the work culture particular to Sandton there is no such thing, you have a meal at work just so that you have enough energy but the rest of your work schedule… It’s all work honey.  Adapting to this and a few friendly smiles was an adjustment .
Lizel then was fragile and “insecure”… This would be a safe word to use.She had difficulty in speaking confidently. Clients and some of our colleagues would know just how to rattle her and she would brush off the awkwardness harshly .
However who she has grown into today is way different from the space we met in. She not only grew more confident from within but also outwardly changed the tone at our outlook towards working with Lizel.
The setting I had while starting to work in this new environment was a female superior who was an ice princess. An energetic male superior who I just found confidence oozing from. A male senior in the same position as myself and two older colleagues and then lizel with another female collegue in the same bracket as the young blood squad . We were about 3 that were the same aged kiddos. Complete opposites in this work work work battle field. I was fairly new to everyone and the only person from out of the city.
In the line of work we in there is no time for being insecure or fragile so I never wanted to be friends with someone like lizel . To be honest I sympathized for her cause I remember being in her shoes for just a minute however I bounce back quickly .Unfortunately we don’t all bounce back the same.Yet I was friendly towards her at a distance.
It took nearly a year to past and a lot of our old squad members had  left .Either into a different  industry or they transferred to different locations .We were then left with just each other and a few of the old seniors in our court.
The two of us are the same in age group from the remaining squad we had. This was when we had just each other to turn to .  We had a sense of familiarity and unspoken trust. We both felt the coming and going of those who surrounded us and have been witness to each others growth . I do recall the first few moments she walked into work with confidence and defended her arguments .
That’s the day I recognized a potential friend . I loved who she was but more who she was becoming. She was pure in her fragile state , She never wanted to step on people’s toes and would spare their feelings in sacrifice of her own emotions. This is good characteristics to possess but not at the expense of your own worth you know what I mean.
She was begining to realise her own potential and measure her worth by the respect she deserved . We became close in the parameters of our work station and we shared lunch .
Giving a friendship a go in my work space made room for a friendship to blossom into my personal life . Thus being the same friendship I would have never intended on having nor imagine blooming on a personal scale.
When people show up for you when you don’t expect it that’s when you realise that they are there. There as in actually being present for you.  I was having a hard time in my personal life as a result I stayed out of work from having these rushes of panic attacks so servely it would debilate me , She took the time texting me the sweetest get well messages and genuinly sending love to me . I knew this was sincere by the effort it took on the computerized paint program. The different colours and shapes. It is so unfortunate that I don’t have it physically saved but it lives in my heart forever .
Another few times of being ill she drove me to the Dr and would pick me up from my home . No gift could repay that sense of kindness . We then became slightly closer and learned knew ways of nurturing what we had. We shared gifts and shared meals and finally had shared an ultimate girls trip and sleep over .
We would have never been friends outside work.  If we had met in different circumstances. The odds would be pretty high but in this case giving our friendship a go worked out for the better .
We spent an evening at her living pad I met the bae who you would know all about by catching up on her blog post.
We watched crossroads together for like the 11th time on our own but the first time together. We got an epic roof top picture. We had a picnic and went to the botanical gardens.
We are opposites in so many ways but giving this a go would have been worth the memories than judgement from the corner of my eye and dirty looks . You know the usssssssuge drama girls have when they don’t give each other a chance .
These are just a few of the exceptional moments we recently shared. Do give her blog a browse if you Vibing with her blog style . Do click follow.
Share your thoughts down below if you have similar experiences and dare to ask yourself who in your life is worth taking a shot at ?
health · Scribbles from my Journal

Pink Ribbon Centre Parkmore 11th Street

The age factor

My age played a huge role in the deciding factor of whether I should have a check up or not. Apart from contemplating,  I battled with prioritizing my health care cohesively with my financial diet. The truth is 20 somethings don’t too often have their ducks in a row in terms of having accessible cash in case their medical aid don’t cover xyz,  Personally I didn’t neither did any of my friends who are on a similar medical aid plan as mine . My previous budget had a savings which allowed me to be flexible for cases such as this . My recent move required my savings to be cashed out . Being realistic and always trying to keep things 100 with you. There are instances where your savings will be maxed and in this case what do you do? Do you just shrug off that unsurity that you have or do you become proactive with your budget?  My credit card is meant for emergencies only but we know how the story goes with that initial intention. You tempted to splurge on anything else .

“Despicable me”

No guys not the Disney animation but my awful deceiving ways,

My short term goals are more of a priority than my long term health.  That has pretty much been my lifestyle since entering into adulthood. Chasing goals more trendy like buying that car ,maintaining rentals, being able to travel, live or study abroad etc, but Getting an expensive check up isn’t exactly complementary towards the goal flow. 

What are the odds that you could be in danger 

When you assume it could never happen to you or question whats the rush you have all the time to get there .Perhaps you buy into The myth that women over the age of 40 should only be examined. A lot of young girls might have this painful or unsure breast tenderness but it’s not too severe so they take light of it. Trust me I was in your shoes if this is you. Shrugging off any unsurity doesn’t add confidence to your well being.  

What are the odds of adding more confidence in to your well being 

The odds has risen from 50% to 80% At least for me . I feel like I have a few steps to go before I am totally confident with my heath care. I eat as healthy as I can. I eat mostly cooked meals . Getting caught at a mcds or any fast food restaurant is rare. I don’t work out but I do long walks all the time. I am in the process of getting all the things that worry me off my chest for example my breast examination.  Now that I have gone through this experience.  I would love for you to find confidence in just doing it. There were tons of reasons that enabled procrastination.  

This experience has taught me the fundamentals of investing into your  health care flexibility. Paying a monthly fee for medical aid is not enough. You have to secure an emergency kit for your health care. Separate from that savings kit that’s flexible for a move,a flight etc,

Encouraging your friends to try and take something away from your personal experience is a beautiful thing. 

Benefits of Just doing it

  • You are proactive no matter the outcome
  • You are bound to learn something new you can share with someone else
  • You will feel better about getting it over and done with

The short term goals wont mean anything without longevity in your health care. Being proactive is key . 

Personal Budget : Try and save accessible cash in a flexi investment section

  • Fnb has this cool pocket saving option that is flexible in South Africa
  • If You don’t bank with Fnb visit your bank for info on accounts similar to this
  • The Post office have Visa cards you can open from as little as R10 which is great for flexible savings

Health Budget

The following links are helpful for health care budget assistance for a “20  something”

excel sheet

The following links are informative for proactive measures

health · Scribbles from my Journal

Update Since Parkmore & Pink Ribbon Centre Review 

Since living in Parkmore


I have been living the dream of being closer to work. I may be over exaggerating but hay it has always been #goals to be closer to work. I would often think back about the days I would have to get up at 5:30 am . To catch a bus at 6 am in the Town Center, Mitchell’s Plain. Travel for 1 and a half hours depending on traffic or whether the bus broke down or not . In order to make it for the 8:30 am call time for work. It was rough working till 9 pm in the V&A Waterfront to only get home after 10:30 pm or even later. I know the struggle of traveling. When I moved to Sandton I first lived in Fourways for a while . Traveling from Fourways was such a pain. I dislike William Nicol’s highway  . If you google all the incidents that occur there you will totally get why. Living in Rivonia traveling wasn’t that bad but traffic in Jhb is always the Mother of all headaches. 

Since Parkmore I don’t travel to work. I am literally walking distance from work, shopping malls, church,recreational parks, the library and my local GP. I have been passing 11th street everyday. 


Pink Ribbon Centre on 11th street Parkmore 

I had noticed the Pink Ribbon centre while passing 11th street.I assumed it was the headquarters for cancer awareness programs.  I never had much interest in the Pink Ribbon Centre until I had the courage to get a breast examination.  I went to my local Gp. I got the referral all I needed to do was find a radiologist linked to my medical scheme.  I had a few options at Sunninghills hospital and Fourways as well as Parkmore.  Going to a radiologist in Parkmore would be super convenient for me . 

I googled Dr  Mbengo and connected the dots to the Pink Ribbon Centre. Dr Mbengo is the founder and director of Dr Mbengo Radiology Services Inc. and she currently provides Radiology and Teleradiology services.

When you visit the Pink Ribbon Centre’s website. You find clear guidelines to those FAQ’s. Their website is helpful regarding their services, myths, information on their health care professionals etc.  I contacted their administrator and got a response within the hour. Every person I spoke to via email or telephonically were helpful and attentive to my scenario.  I could arrange an appointment for the next day. 

I kid you not I was contemplating the whole thing even though I made the effort thus far. I kept thinking I am only 22 why would I need a breast examination anyway? Read up on my previous post over here

 I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I assumed my examination would be the same as a friend of mine. Where they would squash my breast into a machine you know the usual idea of a mammogram. That was what I was preparing my mind for. 

The appointment was scheduled. I had an off day I could find no excuse to turn back on my decision to make my health a priority. Procrastination is never good for you. I went still shaky on the idea. I walked into their office and the setting was totally calming. From the decor with pastel undertones. To the warm and friendly hospitality of their staff. The entire team is all women. 

Fem powered which really eased my mood. They explained that I wasn’t getting an x-ray scan because of my age and the development of my breast. This was such a relief I was taken to a room to change into a pink ribbon robe. My personal belongings was safely placed into a secure locker. I could keep the key on me and take it with to the room I would have an ultrasound instead. 

I met with a health care professional who explained what the procedure would be like. She laid out tissues for the yuckeness of the gel. She explained how I should lay while being examined. My arms above my head. It was really cold that day. The room was well temperature’d for the comfort of my experience. 

At this point I was way more comfortable than before. The Dr finally walked in. The moment we have all been waiting for. She was lovely and patient. She didn’t rush the ultrasound. She captured images of the ultrasound.  She was willing to answer questions I had. She was honest and sensitive with worst case scenario outcomes. She was confident in my results and placed me on medication and ointment to treat my skin reaction. 

Her confidence taught me so much. Especially pertaining to early detection and breast education. Drs of her nature excites you to be proactive. The medication helped so much. Her advice to do a follow up calmed my paranoia. 

 Their waiting room is gorgeous. There is natural light in the waiting room where you can totally sink in the zeness of the ambiance. You can have coffee or tea. The coffee magazines are updated. You know that annoying feeling where you at the Drs office and reading magazines of 2005 lol nah ah . There were magazines and information cards that are very informative for women. As I waited for my results. They handed a professional package with images of my ultrasound. A professional report of my examination was presented to me and an appointment for a follow up. 

Nails on 11th street partnered with The Pink Ribbon Centre for the month of May. Beauty an entrepreneur and owner of the nail salon. Gifted all clients who had examinations done for a treat. I received a voucher for an express manicure at her salon. Which is pretty cool don’t you think? Especially after preparing your mind for the worst what an awesome way to end my experience. 

I would definitely recommend women of all ages to choose the Pink Ribbon Centre. This worked in my favor on so many levels. It turned out to be a better option than seeing a radiologist in a hospital setting. 

For more about the Pink Ribbon Centre, Look forward to tomorrows scheduled post.

Comment below your thoughts and give this post a like if you think The Pink Ribbon Centre is fab at what they do.