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Born free with T

Life & Candy Coated Dreams

I am a fluffy imaginative being who believes in Cotton Candy Coated dreams. Welcome to my visual diary. I was born and raised in Cape Town South Africa.  Now Resident to Sandton Johannesburg since 2015.

I love colour, love(every one needs to love a bit of love) and I love great food. I have a charitable social group called Cherub Ambassadors. I am a self proclaimed Dora the explora grateful for the treasures of life. I am a firm believer in capturing the moment and being able to share it with you is icing to a cake. Be warned I am into lengthy blog post . It adds texture and has no limitations with being fluid and articulate. I am a 94 kiddo and this is life as a Born Free.

Authour T
I go as T it’s the 20th letter in the modern english alphabet.  Pretty much all my “peeps” call me T and As the expression goes “to the T” I am pretty much what you see is what you get ” I am to the point”. The letter T I feel adds a bold and firm representation of who I am.

Curious to know my birth certificate name lol?  its Tarron

Life and Candy Coated dreams is a portrait of my life as a bornfree South African kiddo. My blog space is a reflection of that contrast between what you would imagine a bornfree kid’s life to be and how the challenges of life wars up against that untapped potential .

My blog space explores the vulnerability of those experiences and offers this borrowed opportunity to you . I hope my voice and experiences help you navigate through similar paths. This platform will evolve towards promoting the following:

It is okay to have candy coated dreams

It is possible to achieve them
Life will happen as it should

No quitting just believing

I am forever grateful that you chose to check in on this blog space . I wish to grow with you. In everything that I share I hope that you find at least one thing you could relate to.With that said  the reason I chose to blog is because of how being able to follow other bloggers I felt less alone in my adulting experiences .I am open to interacting with you and being as honest as far as possible. Please comment and let me know what you think about post you find interesting. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel or you can find me on social media or my Cherub Ambassadors Page .

Heres to us , life and Candy Coated dreams