30 Day Challenge

Day 12 Bullet Point your day

Gorgeous Saturday to you guys. Wherever you may find yourself right now. Try and not to forget this day. If you have been following my 30 day challenge I just want to thank you for sticking around. I love catching up with you.  If you have challenged yourself before leave links in the comments . If you haven’t I dare you to try.

Today’s challenge as always is joined with my blogging bud. Moments with R &L. We pretty much have to detail points of our day. Find my blogging buddy’s post over here and mine below.

We work together so our schedule is pretty similar. We worked today yaaaaaay us right on a Saturday sooooooh here it goes.

My Saturday Morning Pre leaving home

  • I woke up this morning feeling way better than I did the day before
  • I opened up my eyes from a fussed dream.
  • I brushed my dream off and cuddled my bae Shaka for a bit
  • I eventually got out of bed.
  • I thanked God for the day and granting me a second chance at being better than before
  • I had a cup of tea and took a moment to appreciate wanting to have a great attitude for the day ahead.
  • Got ready and walked out the door for work

Setting my foot out the door

  • I am literally walking distance from work and as the remote controlled gate closed from my home my blogging bud just pulled up. Her arrival was unexpected so I was just thrilled to see her and journey along to work together.
  • We catched up while driving to work we haven’t seen each other the day before which was great fun sharing the things we missed.
  • We made our work day our B!#$

Once We finished our working hours

  • We sorter went our seperate ways but headed to the grocery store
  • Shaka met up with me we got a few things
  • We took a stroll home
  • We had a snack and enjoyed an afternoon outdoors
  • A little garden party while watching sunset and enjoying each others company
  • we listened to the album American Teen the playlist was on shuffle it was the best way I could never forget this day
  • He fell asleep I ate whatever I could nibble on
  • I got comfy in my pjs
  • I had a attitude for gratitude and opened up the desktop reminiscing on older memories
  • And have decided to share my day and old memories with you

Some cool snaps I found



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