30 Day Challenge

Day 11 IPod in shuffle what is the first 10 Tracks

Hi you guys day 11 in on my 30 day challenge. Yesterday was such a great read from Moments with R&L. I had a humoungest smile on my face for it. If you haven’t already give her blog a browse. She has been my blogging bud particularly with this 30 day challenge. She is the brain behind this typo marathon.  I couldn’t be more happy to try this.

Today’s challenge is if your iPod would be on shuffle what would the first 10 songs be. My list is right below

  1. Run & Gun Beyonce and Jay Z
  2. Smash into you Beyonce
  3. Me myself and I Beyonce
  4. He loves me Jill Scott
  5. Two becomes one Spice Girls
  6. Witness Katy Perry
  7. The way I love you Tamia
  8. All Night Chance the Rapper
  9. Real Friends Kanye West
  10.  Some kinda drug G Eazy

This is personal favs I surely jam out to in my underwear.  Lol TMI guys hope you find a few tracks to enjoy.Browse through my list. Links are found in each title.

Comment below if any sticks to you 


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