30 Day Challenge

Day 10 What is your guilty Pleasure

All things Kardashian is surely mine. Yes I know they maybe controversial but I share no guilt in loving them one bit. I have grown with their family since the first season. I would get snippets of episodes when I visited family and friends . At my grandparents house where I grew up we never had dstv. So whenever I would visit someone that had .I would request E entertainment channel 124.

Why do I enjoy all things Kardashian well because why wouldn’t I? They thought provoking,  loving and are pro positive vibes . They human relatable and daring.  They bold and different.

All things Kardashian could be Keeping up. Their dash line the spin offs. Kylies show . Kocktails with Khloe an absolute fav. One of my blog post was a blog nomination. That entailed 11 fun questions that had to be answered. One of which was “What 3 celebrities would you invite to dinner” One of the three had to be Kris Jenner.

If their was any Kardashian I would dare to meet. It would be Momma bear Kris. I would drink whatever she would be drinking  & soak in the glow of my guilty Pleasure.

Comment below what your guilty pleasure is


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