30 Day Challenge

Day 9 If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

This 30 day blog challenge is brining out the realness in me. By the look of the title you know where we heading. This is a touchy subject for me cause I have had lots of blows up until this point. I knew in my core from very young on that story telling was my best point of life . I was drawn  to television so crazily.  My 22 dolls were all named after television characters. I saw myself as a content producer way before I even knew what the job title was. Conceptualizing and managing content.

I am so artsy fartsy you dont even know. I was exposed to the entertainment industry at 11 years old. I had photoshoots done for casting agencies.  I auditioned for Televison and Radio. In my teens I took art more seriously by attending paid drama clubs. I would enroll myself in dramatic art workshops. I learned contemporary dance . I had loads of dancing friends. One of which was Shaka.

At the end of High School I consider leaning towards Marketing in the corporate world. It seemed like a safe creative option. I was becoming tensed after my high school graduation. To further my education seemed indefinite for me . You know because of finance and yadah yadah.

I started interning at 16 years old at Radio and a Television network. Non paying of course . For experience and an opportunity to see whether there was a future in this line of work for me. No one at the time could offer me a consistent pay check after school. So freelancing and interning for an inconsistent R80 a day was a brutal fight of Faith to bare.  I got a “real job” with all the benefits you could hope for . With the intention to use my earnings and save for school.

My dream job would be  Encapsulating raw experiences in relatable context for millions to see across the world.

In the comments below share what your dream job would be


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