30 Day Challenge

Day 8 Five Things I can’t Live Without

Day 8 of my 30 day challenge is about the things I can’t live without. I want you to clear your mind with me .Forget about the essentials for one second . Let’s say you have the obvious cell phone , tooth brush and whatever basic element we surely couldn’t go without. What would all of that mean if we didn’t have any of the following 5:

Here are Five things my life would suck without

  1.  A bit of Lalaland Imagination and Wonder . Music Mystery and all things Artsy sums this one up for me .  I couldnt see life without a pinch of grind or elegance through dance. Niether Jazz , soul a bit of Kanye West and all leading women who leave you gasping with question “As to how they do things so effortlessly”.
  2. The good In People. I believe there isn’t one person on this planet who is pure evil. Every individual has their weakness and have their share of awakened sensitivity.
  3. I couldn’t live without the Joy of life . The celebration of milestones no matter how little or humoungest an achievement seem. How we surprise each other with gifts and quality time.
  4. I couldn’t live without being able to share the little that exist in being present.  Whether it may be tangible, conversational or anything irreplaceable.
  5. Lastly I couldn’t live without God being love . Whether love that was permitted by him romantically. Unconditionally I couldn’t imagine a world without forgiveness Kindness or patients .

The more I strived towards leaning on to the desires of my bucket list. The more I have grown to capture The moment and be present.


Recently I surprised Moments with R&L for her birthday . This brought life to No 3 in every way. After work we headed down to the parking lot. I arranged a balloon to be tied to her car with a note. The note was 1 of 3 part letters. Part 1 listed 7 Things I hated about her. A song she was obsessed with when Miley Cyrus was everything to us 90’s tarts. Next to the note was a gift bag. Inside the gift bag were a few goodies. Coconut chocolates packaged in Raffaello’s gift package. She has been dying to Diy a handbag. Next to the coated chocolates were back pack pins and fabric stick ons. Part 2 of the friendship note bowed with ribbon next to her treats. I listed 7 Things I loved about her in the second note. I mentioned all 6 except the 7th last thing. Which was posted to her home address. A more personal letter attached with a personalized prayer and the mention of the 7th Thing I so loved about her.


What would living in this world be without the Joys of those Things and a blogging bud who made my 30 day Challenge Possible . An update with how She is finding this challenge click over here.

Leave comments down below on what you couldn’t live without. 


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