30 Day Challenge

Day 7 Childhood Toys

Day 7 of my 30 day challenge is all about my childhood Toys . To be honest I lived in front of the television as a kid. I would sit on the carpet right in front of the television set . Hence my current eye problem. I was so addicted with watching TV right until the age of 15. I wouldn’t miss an episode of Barney Idols or Grey’s Anatomy .I kid you not I woke up like at 5 am in the morning just to watch wrestlemania. Now I have a hard time waking up for work .

I would watch those infomercials and get hooked on product reviews . Remember when they launched Twista and it came on Tv. Dude I lived for watching those commercials . I would always tell myself when I grow up I would have this and that . Mainly all the things I some how discovered through television.  Whether it was my Mr Mcdreamy from Grey’s . The latest baby born or whatever . It would have been primarily introduced to me via television broadcast .

I was such a loner kid so for starters . I would have imaginary friends . Oh boo whoo.  I loved it. I was privileged though I had so Many toys to list a few won’t do my childhood  justice . To paint you a picture I had a drum kit , baby Borns. I had dolls counting to 22 and still have them in my old room. All of which had individual names . I named a few after characters in Days of our lives . I had a walking doll. An iron set. I had so much cool stuff it is hard to pick a fav. Who didn’t enjoy playing with a yoyo.

I am no duh a 90s kid . I had fake heels. Sabrina’s diy collection. I had loads of colour in books . I kept all my Spur birthday packs . There were a bunch of toys and my first wallet was from Spur . My wallet was always filled with tons of coins . A R10 was most probably the largest amount in notes I had in there.  I had those radios that were attached with a Mic . A sort of mobile karaoke machine . It was so cool .

I hope today’s read was as fun for you as it was to write . In the comments below list your childhood Toys and if any of ours are similar . Xoxo T


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