30 Day Challenge

Day 6 Zodiac Sign

Happy Soul Sunday guys . Today I got my bounce back . I truly had a rough few weeks . I felt further from myself . This weekend I slowly got my bounce back. It all started with a lengthy Convo with my mom. Finding the courage to share and find fellowship with a girl friend . And to open my heart and be vulnerable with Shaka . Can you imagine? After nearly 8 years of dating I still struggle to say sorry and wara wara fish paste . It’s been great to grow lately in those areas of my life . I  met up with a girlfriend late afternoon yesterday . I can’t stop thinking about how great our conversations were and how that has made me feel less alone .

Todays challenge is about my Zodiac sign and a lot of my starsign ties into the difficulty I have had with sharing my life with others.Here is how.

I am a Gemini I was born 31 May 1994. Gemins are known to be stubborn. Gemini is both an air sign and a mutable sign. The duality often leads to internal conflict. You guys know where I am heading from here on out. We Geminis have this natural tendency to have internal conflict and be stubborn about it.

I use to read my star sign all the time in magazines when I grew up. When I was 19 I looked up what a Gemini really was . And couldn’t agree more with the facts . Here are a few agreeable characteristics I have .

The contradictory essence of Geminis is to be both the life of the party and the flower on the wall. In social settings we are frequently unpredictable although always articulate .We open minded and can be extreme at times . We curious playful and intellectual.  We are active and adventurous.  A Gemini women when dating her it can feel more of a friendship.  She needs to be nurtured loved and catered to. She is very demanding yet pron to keep men. Once you have her she is easily jealous the reason for this is that if she is going to open up to a man when she rarely completely open up to anyone . She does not want yo take risk of being hurt and deceived. They are exciting and worth the effort you will remember them forever .

Keep in mind Shaka is a Gemini to. The saying that we pron to have this two personality sort of thing happens all the time. I see it in myself more than I do in Shaka . In south Africa people say one day you a gem the next day you can be a N@#$ and it’s more of an A $$ whipe tone . Lol but it is true my moods are never the same . I do make effort to better myself in areas of a Gemini now more than ever but a lot of those personality traits are true experiences for me .

If you a Gemini tell me all about your experiences and whether you believe in your star sign. Leave comments down below .

Thank you for walking with me on the 30 day challenge .


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