30 Day Challenge

Day 5 Comfort Food

My My My it’s already day 5 and this challenge has dawned through.

It is 21:48 this evening. Yet I am still powering through this  30 day blog challenge. Moments with R&L tagged me for this month’s theme and if it were not for her cheerleading on my side . My commitment would have been an epic failure . Check her progress over here.

Today’s challenge will be an absolute pleasure. I have to chat to you about my comfort foods. Now I am such a foodie I love eating. I am so open to trying new foods. Especially if they new to my palate. I am for all things gourmet and heartily prepped . I have my own cooking confessions which you can read more about here. However my comfort foods vary.

I love indulging in stews for comfort. I could end up dishing myself 3 plates in one evening. To feel filled and hearty. By hearty I mean comfy and fluffy. I gain a sense of nostalgia from my childhood dishes . There is nothing more compelling than a dish that reminds you of home . Cabbage Cooked with beef cubes , Tomato Breedie , Roti ,Briani those meals just to mention a few. They were always my fav dishes prepared by my grandmother. Her baked bread is such a gem. So many meals are my comfy foods.

To be honest I can’t cook them fairly as good as she does . I enjoy trying to. Easy comfy foods that I do have quick access to. Well then again something I could just whip up quick. Is indeed a good pasta. And pasta without cheese is so not a good pasta. Traditional white sauce made from scratch. With grated chedda cheese is a regular comfort dish.

On the subject of Comfort foods and a quick catch up with you. Life has been chaotic lately. In terms of my personal growth in fiance , my relationships with myself and Shaka . Including areas of my day to day J.O.B.

When you ever feeling like comfort food is just not enough and you need a great Convo. Such as those lengthy ones that you might have learned about over here. Call up a friend and just let loose with some girl time .

I spend my afternoon with a gorgeous soul . Whom added so much to where I currently find myself at . This beaut is a few years older than me. She taught me so much in such a short amount of time. Her wisdom and experiences she shared is truly something I will hang on to for as long as I live and learn. I hope that when I find better confidence in the strength I gained . I will be able to write about how powerful we can be when we snack with a girl friend . During our meet we had a classic Tea Party Vibe with cookies with crackers . Each other’s company and a comfy setting.

In the comment section below Comment what your fav Comfort Foods are and who you like Sharing  them with.



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