30 Day Challenge

Day 4 What Makes me Happy

Day Three of my 30 Day Challenge

Hmph what makes me happy well….

I love reading other people’s blog post . Each blogger adds fabric to the way we comfort ourselves. Here are a few blog post by Desert Missus  whom is giving me life right now in the blogging community. She has given blogging a new meaning for me .

I don’t want to list self glorifying and obvious things that make me happy . I really want to dive into a few post that really helped me find joy with my current situation . Whatever that may be. Figuring out being 20 something. Not being happy in my job or feeling stuck in my career choice. You know the usssssge.

 Little disclaimer:

 I asked permission before publishing this draft. The last thing I want to do is cut away the integrity of this piece.

The most recent blog post that stole my heart is right over here called Why Competence Always loses out to Confidence.

This was how much this post spoke to me , my response:

This was so meant for me. First off you killed me with your choice of words”bitch fest” ahs and jahs. It is always fun reading your blogs.

This was meant for me because I have been dealing with an internal bitch fest. I live in Sandton now and making the effort to call home in Cape Town is such a mission. No one picks up at the peek of my fumes. So I am just like forget it I will sulk for the next few days and then get over myself.

I have been senior in my position for nearly 4 years still earning the same salary since I started. I am training new staff that earns a R1000 more than me. Finding another job I haven’t been winning. My HR Manager hasn’t bothered to respond to my email. I can do more than a lot of the people in my office space. but you know what the fudge here I am in the same old financial boat.

However reading this post was such a wake up call like I could use this time to study the people around me and better myself for when the opportunity avails itself.

I literally bookmarked this post just so that I can have a read through it again at home. Cause this hasn’t totally sink in yet but the timing couldn’t be more perfect for me.

A little update regarding my response. My HR Manager eventually responded. And Yip I am pretty sure she does not read my blog nudge nudge wink wink.  In this moment I just needed to bitch fest . I looked at my day to day environment more of an “internship” than  this is what I have to do until something greater came along. I have learned to be more thankful for the mistakes that I have seen around me and the joys that comes with keeping an extra tab open on my works desktop.  I had to review whether I was upset about the money or was I just upset with feeling like I am not evolving. if  it were not for coming across this post. I would have just probably moped in my misery.


Another great post from Desert Missus was the first interweb interaction we had . Her style of blogging is similar to where I see myself in the blogesphere Hello Girlfriend. 

When I grow up I want to have the lemonade she has to the lemons of life. I absolutely loved her date night ideas especially lounging on the floor with your hubby that you can read more about over here

A blog  a bit more personal to me you can find over here .

If I had to pick in terms of shaping my online identity and simply thinking about what I want to offer my online friendships on social media. This post would be a winner.Five Ways to lose blog followers 

I couldn’t be more happier to add that Desert Missus has adopted me as her online niece lol. The joys of having a sense of family from across the world. The power of the internet couldn’t be more amazing right now. I am loving the way I am growing with her blogs. If she showed up for me through her work I am sure she can pull through for you.

Give her blog a browse Subscribe if you vibing with her style and join her personal branding course by a click of a button. It is free It is a sisterhood for keeping things 100. Women of all ages will find her voice relatable.

Drop down a comment of blogs that make you happy. I would love to check out blogs that adds life to yours. xoxo T 



3 thoughts on “Day 4 What Makes me Happy

  1. Another one! Thank you much for sharing this. I’ve read through the blogs you suggested and loved each one of their styles. It’s pots like this from people I can rely on and relate to that I find new blogs. If you have anymore please share!!!!! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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