30 Day Challenge

Day 3 Top 5 Pet Peeves

Haaaaay You guys It’s day 3 of my 31 Day Challenge. Today’s challenge could be a bit of a touchy subject.  What are my Pet Peeves? I never use to get easily annoyed but I have realized the older I get the more easily I get affected by peoples behavior .As always I promise to keep things 100 with you and in my pet peeves it is about to get real down below.  You have been warned lol arrrrgh lets just get right in to it.

  1. Selfish Rambeling This would be the ME ME ME  people. The conversation is always about them.  When you discussing a personal situation. For example lets say difficulty in” your current relationship” . The scenario is specifically about what your partner is doing wrong right? These people generally make a relation between their partner and your partner. Comparing the two in the end. They don’t listen they just hear and add advice directly from their own experience. They have a hard time putting themselves in other peoples shoes. It is so hard for me to talk to ME ME ME people. Don’t get me wrong I love learning about people and I oddly find it interesting how ME ME ME people can be ME ME ME.
  2. Reverse Racism I will let this simmer over here and allow Superwomen to say it best

    A Geography Class for Racist People – YouTube


  3. Indecisive people dude I use to be one of them mainly because I never took responsibility for anything that went wrong. I learned a few years back to start thinking for myself and standing by my decisions. If you allow people to make decisions for you it is easy to point the finger and go well they told me to. Being in a relationship with Shaka taught me this big time. A lot of members in my squad were not thrilled about our relationship. They always said we give it about 3 years max then our love would run dry. My family members were not particularly thrilled and advised me to quit what we had. And again they had valid reason to. For more you can read over here. I would always allow other peoples opinion to fester on my mind. It affected the way I took responsibility for things. For the first time I chose Shaka despite the advice I got and when times were tough I had to stand by my decision and take responsibility for my role etc. Lately I have been meeting tons of people who beg me to tell them what to do. Whether it is personal advice or my clients. My clients really know how to get me frustrated with this one on a irritable professional level.
  4. Girls who don’t want to help other girls. Again I will gladly reference Superwoman yes I know I am a little obsessed with her. But why the hate you know what I mean what is the point. Why should we intimidate each other. I can speak from experience .I have had my guilty share of having the shoe be on the other foot. And time and time again I am told my first impression is not approachable. Sometimes I am saddened by hearing that. Other times I find comfort in that so people don’t step over me. I often use this as a blanket for protection to cover me for those mean girls. If you can relate leave a comment on this one.
  5. People who can’t be to the point regarding conflict or confrontation.  They will talk around the bush and be all verbose. Add hints but never say exactly what they mean.  It is so annoying because when S#!& hits the fan they dig up all the things they have been hinting about like months ago.


Let me know if we have similar pet peeves do you feel my pain. What are yours? Wish me luck for the rest of my 31 day Challenge and if you have  challenged yourself before. Leave links in the comments below.



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