30 Day Challenge

Day 2 Home Alone 30 Day Challenge

Hey Guys I hope you well. I am curious to know what you up to. If you have ever tried a 30 Day Challenge?  I want to catch up on your post. Please pop over to the comment section to let me know what you been up to.

What I do when I am home Alone

This is Day 2 for my August Challenge. My second challenge requires that I have to spill the beans on what I do when I am home alone.  What a luxury Right? Cause it ain’t  very often. Moments with R&L is joining me on this month-long journey. Check her day 2 challenge over here.

In the week I am hardly home alone. Shaka the bae has a flexible schedule. As do I, I get to choose my 8 days off a month.  Besides I live walking distance from home so lunch time I will often spend it at home. I work every second weekend. So As you can imagine. When I do get a full 6 hours to myself or even the half of that.

This is normally what goes down

Praise and Worship

The situation at home goes in full church mode. The apartment is surely  Lit. I normally spend a hour and a half. This really sets the tone for my day.  My soul session is what I like to call it. I will spend 15 minutes or so quiet . I will either read a daily devotion or a Proverb. Pray and turn up the worship. My Playlist include the list you can find over here and here and here.

This may be a bit weird to you but I carry this tradition I anoint my apartment. I got my oil from my Grandmother and she is bomb at this kind of stuff. It makes me feel right at home in my fairly new home.

Tidy Room Tidy Mind 

Every girl knows that this is a free relaxing gem. A place for everything and everything in its place. So from Praise and Worship the playlist goes straight to Jill Scott , Angie Stone , Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill, Phil Pherry.

My cleaning Routine for the home goes a little like this

  1. I always start from the ground up. A good Sweep.  I move all the furniture to make sure I Get out all the dust under the bed or underneath the ottoman etc, I will do a thorough mop as well.
  2. I will then de-clutter. My cupboard is normally a mess in the busyness of a work week.  I will throw out all those clothes on the ground. Sort the laundry out and pile them on the ground. If the bedding hasn’t been changed . This is the perfect time I will do it. Once everything is set in it’s pile .
  3.  I will tackle the Kitchen . Dishes is not where a good cleaning starts or ends for the “kitchen”. The counters of course inside the kitchen cabinet. The outside of the cabinet. The cutlery tray get dusted. All the decor and tea and coffee holders. The pantry get arranged. The fridge gets a good cleaning inside and outside . Never forgetting the top.
  4. I normally head straight to the bathroom once the floors have nicely dried.  You guys don’t need the TMI talk from that sector.
  5. I will start cleaning outside. By this time the playlist needs to pump up a bit with Billboard Top 100. The windows the patio benches pillows and  the plants get fed and dusted.
  6. Shaka normally handles the rest any spots I haven’t mentioned he takes care of.
  7. I just go over the floors one more time and then All the cleaning is donzo.

Cooking with T Confessions

I will be pretty hungry by the time I am done. I will have snacks at this point before I cook a hefty meal . Breakfast isn’t a thing for me always . Sometimes in between my soul session but not always.

Pamper Time

I will take a hot bubbled bath do my hair a face mask and watch YouTube videos in between.

I will check on my hefty meal open a bottle of wine if I am in the mood or have a peppermint tea with honey. Time always fly when you having fun all by yourself. Before you know it Shaka is home.

Our dinner would nearly be done. Once we had our meal I will then put on some nail polish. I hate cooking with my nails done. I will lounge with him cuddle watch a movie or totally prefer zening on my own. Catching up on blog reads or browsing on social media.

And that concludes my day alone

Is your routine similar to mine. What do you get up to when you on your own.


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