30 Day Challenge

Day 1 My Current Relationship 30 Day Challenge 

I am going to challenge myself for the next 30 days saaaay whaaat!!! Btw this month has 31 days . What am I thinking?

Starting from today . I am tag teaming with Moments with R&L. You know I love lengthy blogs but with this challenge I am going to try and keep it short and sweet so you don’t miss out on my weekly catch up with you.

The best part of today’s challenge ties in with a quick catch up .

Challenge 1: Discuss your current Relationship

I will be celebrating my 8 year anniversary with Shaka my bae . August is the month I said “I do” take you to be my boyfriend after he asked .

We met when I was really young . We attended the same High school. We are quite apart in age . To my deference I was pretty mature for my age. Yeah yeah That’s a good one right.

Our age difference played a huge role . I had someone who had been where I was . He knew when I would fall before I knew . He never made decisions for me . Even when I cried my heart out begging him to tell me what to do when I needed to deal with personal ish.

He also gave me wisdom and support but never once said you should do xyz. I later respected his approach and appreciated his gesture a bit later on.

His been a mentor in many ways I go to him for advice . We both Geminis I have mentioned this before . We still differ in many ways . I tend to freak out more often than the average person . I am getting better at being confident and calm though. Where he on the other hand would be as laid back at a mother getting a foot massage . Oh naughty you , you thought I was going to  say the F word.  Lol

He had then and still do now have a huge amount of respect for my privacy.  As you might have learned previously over here.

Before we kissed he asked my permission. I recently had a chat with a girlfriend about this and she said that must be so boring . Well for others it could cause then they will expect it sure . But for me my body was mine and he was  much older . He never placed me in a situation where I felt uncomfortable.

I couldn’t imagine it being any different. Right imagine? This guy just leaning over me going  in for the kill. It was so special and I still get to kiss those lips today.

We don’t have plans for our anniversary yet it will be the 26th August.

If you have any fun ideas Drop them in the comments or share your miles stones with your bae over here.



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