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20 Things for My 20 something Bucket List

Oh Miss Golly Molly here it goes… My declaration to myself before you

First off if you don’t know Your girl Shameless you welcome. Shameless Manifesto you can find here 

Shameless Maya – YouTube

“What would happen if I shamelessly promoted myself for 365 days?” My channel started out as a social media experiment and now it’s a lifestyle. I hope my jo…

so why are we being introduced to Maya when I am suppose to tell you about how I am going to kick ass with my Bucket List. Well stating this online and doing this in my personal time. Is measured on two different scales.  Maya has helped me in my personal time. If she has for me then hopefully she can pull through for you. 

Sharing this with You

Today the 21 July 2017. I declare that I will Embrace My 20’s. I will live for working hard on meaningful ventures. I will be active in community & will love and connect with people around me.  I will see the world beyond the parameters of South Africa’s back doors. I won’t limit my dreams based on my bank account. I have 7 Year’s to complete my 20 something Bucket List.

In my previous post I have listed how I got this situation started. I have looked at 4 areas and have listed 20 “must do items ” that I will have to complete before I am 30.

Here is my 20 Something Bucket List

Embrace the 20’s

  1. Find my personal Fashion Style. To rock Tutus and take as many pictures that will last for the ages. Those vintage style images of my 20 something fashion Chronicles. If you cant go to fashion week be fashion week.
  2. Apartment Living Oasis . I always wanted a studio Apartment so now that I have been able to live in one. I really want to make effort into turning everyone of my living spaces into an oasis. Home Diy’s in door plants intentional decor and such.
  3. Host and Attend epic home dinner parties and game nights. I want to experience night life. Attend socials as often as possible.
  4. No matter how far away from Home I am . That I will always post letters to my girls. My best friend , my cousins, God Daughter and  baby  Sister.


  1. We are going to live in L.A & The U.K before the end of our 20s This is our Bucket List B!@#$
  2. We have to do more fun things as far as possible. Anything spontaneous and childlike. Including Kissing more , having planned date nights hiking laying on grass all things apologetically fun!
  3. To study together whether it may be a short course or longer courses. Our licenses for scooters and cars or whether it is finishing his graphic designing diploma or a start of whatever my heart beats to get a degree in.
  4. Most importantly sharpen our faith. To be more active in all things Rivers (our church) and just know more about God together.


  1. Get connected. When I moved to Sandton all my neighbors walls were gigantic we hardly knew our neighbors. I want to get to know my neighbors each one of them Even if they don’t like me.
  2. To vote and be registered in my community for elections
  3. Take on Charitable Projects which are self hosted
  4. To engage in community drives and activities


  1. Host a big Christmas with Family & Friends
  2. To have quality time spend with people who surround me
  3. Talk more to my grandparents
  4. Have the ultimate Girls Trip


  1. Build a name in the digital Space
  2. To Build a community of online friends
  3. My goal is to create long lasting friendships from my online buddies
  4. #goals to grow this into a full time creative thing. Wouldn’t  it be ideal to have this your 9-5 job

if you haven’t tried a bucket list before well here is to a start of something new for you and me both. Comment if you find any common thread also drop down your bucket list adventures. Either done and dusted or jotted and attempted.I would love to hear your take on it.


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