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Lengthy Conversations with my Best Friend

Lenghthy Convo is a Series on My Blog that detail a few lessons that I have learned from having” long conversations”. These conversations were personal encounters I shared with Family and Friends

Mrs Lewis

I can’t stop the beating heart of a 19 year friendship. Mrs Lewis is a huge part of my life and she will be a big chunk of my blog space so please catch up if you haven’t already.

We have been best friends for most of our lives . Our friendship of course experienced highs and lows. We had our not on “speaking term” moments . Our parents always prepped us for the time we would out grow each other. We complete opposites and have only a few things in common . My grandmother never liked my best friend for such a long time because of our differences so that conflict really added to our odds .

What worked in our favor was that we were each others first loves . We adored each other so much . We had great admiration for one another .She inspired me in so many ways , I inspired her too. We could dream big and not be ashamed of wanting similar things that felt impossible.

The thing is when we shared our crazy dreams with our other friends they would always want what we wanted . Or would bash our hearts desire’s and share them with their friends .They never safe guarded our dreams . Does this ring a bell to you?

Mrs Lewis and I protected each others fantasy and hopes. We kept them to ourselves.

 We could trust sharing things to each other that might have not made sense to everyone  else . We prayed  for each other more than we prayed for ourselves . We wrote letters and diary entries that would be kept at her house . In my home they wouldn’t be safe because my grandmother would always read through my journal . Our diary entries were never anything drastic it was just things that we wanted or how we felt and we never wanted anyone to shame us for the way we felt or the things we wanted .

We always had lengthy convo’s about all of the above .

We appreciated a unspoken pack that was made clear in our lengthy conversation.  When she told me anything hearty I knew I would treasure her vulnerability till the day I die. She didn’t even have to say please lets just keep this between us. This is why we don’t have to see each other 24/7. And hear from each other all the time , we shared an understanding that not just anyone could hack .

Lengthy meaningful convo’s were a great part of that.

Like I mentioned we were complete opposites. we had our own group of friends .For our 12 year of schooling together  . She would hang out with kids that I wouldn’t necessarily see eye to eye with but I always wondered why when all our friends were gone we would always find ourselves alone talking about things we wouldn’t normally chat to our daily friends about.

Those prayers letters and lengthy convo’s shaped they way I appreciate a great friendship today. We live in different cities currently she’s a wife and mom with a great job.  I am so lucky to have learned all that I have from our lengthy Convo’s

   “Best Friends are a promise not a label”

Comment below if you share a similar friendship or what great memories formed out of your lengthy convo’s with a best friend .


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