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What they Taught me 

Lenghthy Convos is a Series on My Blog that detail a few lessons that I have learned from having “long conversations”. These conversations were personal encounters I shared with Family and Friends

Conversations with my Mothers

Recently I have been reflecting a lot about how influential women have been for me during my teenage years . My grand mothers , my great grand mothers that’s right fortunately they lived long enough to meet me , neighbors , my mom and aunts ,teachers etc,

 At this point I am pretty much adulting . I guess what triggered this nostalgia has been the process of dealing with a family crises and  learning how to constructively adult. Finding the beauty of turning my rental space into a home .Probably those experiences I have been sharing on my blog lately . These experiences has led my thinking to question. Oh well  what would my Mamma bears  do . Mamma bears referring to every influential women I have been impacted by. 

 How is it that they created  xyz for themselves and others .What did they do that I am not doing or do I remember seeing them develop into where they are now .

A great example would be how my mom decord her home with inexpensive items and how she could turn a small space into a cozy atmosphere  . As you guys already know I moved a few months ago and I am trying to be creative with the small space I have now .

Also a recent family scare where my grandfather was not doing to well . Truly made me dig deeper with the way all the women in my family reacted and how their strength till this point shaped me .

What really clicked for me while reflecting  was the following, The way in which my perspective has been shaped. I am fortunate to have been moldered safe guardedly by phenomenal  women. Most of their influences were unintentional and authentic. If it were not for those lengthy convos I have shared with each of these influential women. I wouldn’t have been as impacted by their words of wisdom.

The saying that you will forget what people do to you but you wont  forget how they made you feel . Is so accurate . I learned from an early start on that when you find yourself being touched by someones reaction . You should be interactive in that moment as far as you could possibly be.

Take a moment to be honest with yourself an admit wow I needed to hear this or acknowledge that persons wisdom . Be like hay wait a sec thank you for sharing that with me . Do you mind if I ask you what that taught you or how it influenced your perspective you know. Truly embrace the moment and engage when you can .

I got advice from someone and they really made me feel crappy about something I had done wrong. Somehow beyond my paralyzed humiliation.I found the courage to say something back. I asked  what made you say that ?

When the person responded.I was completely amazed and thankful. Cause it was such an ah ha moment for me and since then  I always knew how important it was to interact with someone during a life shaping moment .

Here on Scribbles from my Journal I am introducing a New Piece called lengthy Convos , Listing all the lengthy convos in which someone helped shaped my life .

Stay tuned this month for All lengthy Convo pieces .

Comment down below if this is your cup of tea xoxo T


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