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All things Sweet from Birthday Treats

About Shaka’s Birthday

What to do when the bae is not into Birthday’s?

The 27th May Shaka my bae celebrated his birthday.  When I grew up Birthdays have always been a big deal. My aunts would always ensure I had a birthday card. When we were kids , party packets/lucky packets would be a big deal. Birthday dinners at Spur with the entire family was traditional.  Free ice cream with your kiddies spur card and of cause the Birthday cake and gifts lined up with candles. Looking back I was absolutely privileged in this regard. I could always invite my friends and my grandmother would always go out of her way to add something special to my day.


My Shaka on the other hand didn’t have birthday parties growing up. The struggle has been real to get him excited about his birthday. Recently we had the “Talk” nooooh not what you thinking. We just had a sit down conversation about why Birthdays is not a thing for him.


He kindly explained and honestly his explanation still makes no sense to me. That for someone who has lived 27 years not expecting anything .It is a bit weird getting excited now and expecting glitter and sunshine. I suppose putting it like this it should makes sense to me right? But no not really.


Birthdays should be a thing regardless. This is a short mile stone you reach each year. There are young kids who couldn’t live to see their Matric ball, first kiss you know. kiddos and young adults who left too soon.

Anyway I just wanted to chat to you about his birthday and I will savoir the awesomeness of mine in a next post.

We share our birthday in the same month.  We both Gemini’s and that’s not always a good thing most of the time its a disaster. But I like to think of it as a beautiful disaster.I have been asking him for weeks,  questions like what would be the perfect day? As hints to what he would really like for his birthday. However I would get answers like Arrrgh I don’t know ,anything doesn’t matter. Basically really unhelpful answers.

Shaka is a dancer, dance teacher, dance director. His all things dance. Clearly a perfect day would include him dancing. I wasn’t Hyped to go to this dance competition but its not about me focus T lol. It was surely about spoiling him. Going to this competition/ event was part of the no brainier thing to do.

This was hard to come up with something that will not only make him feel appreciated but my entire aim was for him to appreciate his birthday.

The night before

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach. The night before I cooked a bolognese. We watched films I wouldn’t normally watch with him. His into twisted horrors and action. As tensed as I was after watching the freakish movie . I was on a mission to surprise him with his favorite sort of cake. Peppermint caramel from the Farmhouse Fare in Benmore. Read up on Decadent delights for more.

I had it hid away with birthday candles. We finished the movie just before 12 AM . He took a bath as soon as he got out I was on stand by with his birthday cake.

The morning of the big day

The morning of his Birthday  I made breakfast. Croissants with tuna,lettuce and tomato. Yogurt with fruit was optional. This should be okay for someone who is not expecting anything right?

I had a small gift packaged for him. Nothing major just night time slippers, a caramel Cadbury spread that his been dying to try but its R59. Ridiculous right for spread anyway its a splurge. I had his fav snacks packaged Health Nuts in kgs.

We cuddled for a while it was really cold. He was then off to the office for 2 hours. We just chatted then went to the dance event. He had fun it was great and we left early to have dinner at Tashas in Sandton. We had a great evening. Shopped at Woolies for snacks and then came home. We sort of karaoked  Chase the Rappers album all night long and had a blast. It was really cold the best part for me was being in the comfort of our home after a gorgeous supper and having cake. A highlight for Shaka would be his cake.

Is he convinced to get into the spirit of birthday fun ? look forward to the next post to find out

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Thanks for reading xoxo

Shaka My baes Birthday – YouTube

May 29, 2017 – Uploaded by Born Free with T

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