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“Emails are good but parcels and post are better”

About My best Friend

I have told you about Mrs Lewis. For those of you,  whom have been following my previous post.

To you who might be new or not up to date. Mrs Lewis is my best friend for 19 years and counting. Sure? You are forgiven but do catch up. A great place to start is Sticky Situations in Sandton. Click above for all and more. Sticky Situations in Sandton

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink I share post at least every week.

My best friend just got married nearly a year ago.  To me it will always feel like just yesterday. The Jodie Johnson who I knew since Primary School then became Mrs Lewis . She has truly been my first love. By first love I mean the one particular person outside of my family who I just absolutely adored. We were inseparable and then life happened. Our parents always said we would grow apart and we surely had our differences.  We had our “not on speaking terms” experiences . I guess this really prepared us for the “till death do you part”sequel of our friendship.

We had different groups of friends at school. We were never the type who felt the need to be with each other 24/7. When all our other friends eventually went home. We would find each other and get totally zen with our candy coated dreams.

Currently our worlds are slightly far apart. We live in different cities and shes married with a kid and I am not. In a nutshell our schedules are completely off and she doesn’t own a cellphone anymore. Communicating has been a struggle.

The magic that glued us together  then were our letters and best friend notes. Even though we have our baes for more than 5 years. Our relationship endured more than any obstacle “the baes “throw our way. We have lived through each others heartache and triumphs. We unconditionally choose to stand by each other nude in flaws.

You know those friends who don’t need to see each other every day but when they meet its like they last hanged out yesterday. We have that vibe. Letters and notes to each other has been our saving grace.  She still keeps all our notes since we were kids.



Recently I have been feeling out of touch with her mostly but so have I with myself. I feel like all I do is live in this routine bubble of work and my off days. Maybe it is homesickness  or side effects of adulting. I guess adulting has started feeling  like such a choir. At times like these it is best to revert to some of your kiddo ways. I decided to take up writing letters again.

This time not particularly to my best friend but my God child, her daughter. I thought it would be a fun read for her. To address the letter to our kiddo. I hope that it will be nostalgic for our friendship.

I had a letter posted to her today.  My first posted letter yay! I did my best by being all kiddo about it. In the manner we use to glamorize our notes.

Comment down below if this is nostalgic for you, have you ever had a pen pal or do you agree that there is nothing better than a friendship letter.



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