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When we lost our Romance A young love with Shaka Series

If you love reading about date night ideas and the truth behind it this post is for you, comment share and do enjoy

Who the heck is Shaka? Shaka is my bae for 7 years and counting

The definition of Shaka

The shaka sign, sometimes known as “hang loose”, is a gesture of friendly intent often associated with Hawaii, surf culture, and public school pride.

Shaka, founder of the Zulu Kingdom of southern Africa,also known as Shaka Zulu, was one of the most influential monarchs of the Zulu Kingdom.

why do I call him Shaka? Apart from the obvious definitions,  I have only started calling him Shaka since 2014 .We performed that year at the AFCON Opening ceremony together and his performing costume was themed brave warrior that of “Shaka”

As a continuation from my Two Chapters “Giving up and Moving back to Cape Town (check my most recent post at Scribbles from My Journal) if you havent . This post will detail the story of when we lost our romance.

Now by the title of this post you would normally assume “we lost our romance” because of something he did or something I had done. However this was not the case.

here is an extract from what I am referring to:

Giving Up and Moving back to Cape Town

I had nothing left just a hopeful payment if I still had a job. I felt broken and I couldn’t fix myself as much as Shaka stood beside me nothing he said was comforting to me . This challenge was not about him being compassionate or trying to find comfort in him.This was about finding comfort in myself and learning how to be strong…..

Believe  it or not I don’t share how I feel with people hence the change in my life for blogging now. I hardly share deep stuffies face to face unless you Mrs Lewis (best friend for 19 years). Even after dating Shaka for 7 years there is still things I choose to journal than share with him….

…I had no confidence in myself and wanting to quit day after day were the hardest hours I  had hang on to. Loosing the romance between shaka and I was because of my lack of faith in everything . It was either a make or break turning point for us.

In a nutshell it wasn’t something he had done or that I did which was the cause of loosing our romance. Ever since I wangled myself out of that experience I vowed to nurture our sense of romance no matter what.

It was brutal and an awkward time. No matter how cautious and gentle he was towards my dark time nothing he had done or said felt affectionate to me. That experience which life throws at you could test your sincere response to the person you love. The funny thing is we not casually romantic but we pretty much the affectionate type. We hold hands and use our love languages to our full advantage but during this time we didn’t bother because of how tensed I was feeling all the time.

What date Nights have become

We both enjoy good food and Sushi Date Nights are a ritual especially during that weekend after we get paid. This is a guilty pleasure splurge. We found this place in Rivonia called Kayami. The best Shushi bar in Sandton. We normally hang out there on date nights and order a variety of everything appetizing. I actually love ordering in from them too and just creating a sushi bar atmosphere at home. We chat about how we have grown as indivuals and what we want in moving forward . Date nights no cellphones allowed unless they on flight mode to just take pictures. Here are a few shots of our recent order in, with my own crockery.

I am not always daring to rock a crop top but considering that it was the last few days of Summer I was bold anyway.

Ootd below

Now true scheduling date nights you kinda want to have money and not budget on the bill or trim on the “glamed”date night idea. That’s why lately I have tried pulling off sweet treats during the week.

Simple dessert talk below.

Autumn and the sense of winter is at our front door. It has been chilly lately and I am not hyped about being out and about with these weather conditions especially at night.  So after a work day or when we have to do work stuff on weekends making the effort for something special is pretty valuable . I run a bubbled bath with lavanda essential oils. The heater is on and our snacks are laid out with a simple dinner at home.  I love ending the evening off with a marvelous dessert.

The following desserts has been winners for those date night’s lately 

Melk kos

Caramel Fridge Tarts

Custard with jelly refrigerated with fresh fruit

And lastly that Cremora Tart I am trying to perfect

Date nights are key and after I vowed to keep our sense of romance a priority it adds value in how I catch up with him despite having a bad day. It calms our pace . Setting is everything getting out of the house change your mood or even staying in but setting a date night tone can be refreshing. Date nights honestly became a thing after my first year in Sandton. Something difficult can always blossom into a way of doing better. When you know better you do better.



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