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Galaxy S8 Launch Chat

Haaaaay you guys thank you so much for stopping by. Literally a week ago Sandton hosted their own Samsung Galaxy S8 launch. I had no intention of going. I got the info the same day and said why not? I haven’t attended any cellular launches since I have been in the tech industry since 2014.This was the first to hopefully many. I am such a detailed orientated girl that the decor and food was sorter more important than the actual VHR. While we on that subject lets start there. The event started at 7 pm as you walk in you get your tag filled with vouchers for alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Each attendee was given a card which represented this cool game you had to play. The game entailed that you would go to each activation station either to take a selfie or learn about “BIXBY” and the art of wine and how wine connoisseurs partnered with Samsung. Once you completed each of the task you could collect a goody bag.

As you stepped into the venue the entry way had this exquisite fountain that showcased the IP 68 feature (water and dust resistant). The fountain had this colour toned lighting effect which was the perfect backdrop for selfies. ProVerb South African Radio and TV Personality was the host of the presentation. The line up included Southern Africa’s Samsung President their marketing chair and technicians that broke down the specs. On the decks for entertainment was DJ Fresh radio personality. They both did an excellent job at keeping the crowed hyped. The food was served by a chef and waitors. It wasnt a formal sit down affair. The ambiance was like a well styled casual setting. The dress code was smart casual. My ootd was a skinny jean paired with a glamed brown heel with a simple t shirt and a cardigan.

okay aside from the setting and theme here is the part that you should be most excited about.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Flagship

The design is as slim and sleek as the previous S7 ,It has an ergonomic grip. They available in various colours from midnight black,maple gold,coral blue,orchid gray and artistic  silver. Both devices the S8 and S8 Plus are nearly just all screen. The best way to understand that is checking out Casey Neistats YouTube video.

The only downfall for me is when you want to use the secondary camera and you dont have a selfie stick its really hard to not have your finger in the way of the filming motion. Finding a grip is tricky without the help of device sticks.

Security Yes it has the iris scanner for convenience. I don’t have much to add on it because I never got to test this function out yet. I will check in with you once I can.

Bixby is like Samsung’s Siri. She has vision and voice recognition. The artificial intelligence sort of replaces google assistance. Bixby is new to the flagship device.

Camera capturing selfies has been solely improved enabling crisp and faster snaps. F1.7 lens are used for clear and vivid images fun things like stickers ,filters and stamps are updated.

Earphones Samsung has partnered with AKG Harman for pure and well tuned engineering sound experience.

Memory S8 and S8 Plus are now released with 64G on-board memory. The device is expandable up to 256 for external memory cards. Yay!! I have a S7 with 32 G on board and a memory card 32G both of which is full. This is a good start for me

360 Gear Controller with VHR & Samsung Dex This feature I will just leave pending. The que was extremely long to try those gadgets out but from what I was informed this is a super convenient way of getting creative and finding convenience to indulge.

Connectivity USB Type C sort of  self explanatory bye bye micro usb cables

Processor Octa Core 10nm “Speedikanjalos” a thing they use to say as a kid for fast faster fastest

Those were the top New Features for me ,their are tons of blog post and videos online that you should check out. My advice to any one who wants to commit themselves to a 2 year cellphone contract or splurge R15000+- on a device. Research is key and actually testing out a demo unit . You absolutely have to ,  I cant stress that enough. Also insure any device that cost over R5000. That is a lesson my aunt taught me and living in the grown up world I sympathies why.

Check out my Youtube Clip for footage of the launch. Subscribe,  like and comment all footage was taken from my S7. As much as a New Device is New and trendy  I am going to have to sit out on this one due to upgrading last year. Let me know your thoughts.Have a great week.

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Easter DIY 2017

Haaaay cuties Hope you have been well. This past long weekend was such a winner for me. The weather is always gloomy this time of year but it is the perfect excuse to get cosy . I caught a cold earlier on in the week so being stuck in bed was awesome to give a few DIYs a go. 20170412_223120

I fell in love with Pinterest 2years ago. A colleague introduced me to it. If you don’t have an account I suggest you get one. It is life changing for creative hearts. On Pinterest there are a bunch of great diy ideas especially for Easter.

   The original image found on your left was the inspiration behind my piece of art. The concept is super smart. It wasn’t one of those messy projects with paint or glitter also the egg stays in perfect conditions allowing you to use the egg for actual cooking. To the creative take on the egg diy I attached a gift that I did a while ago. The referred gift is a personalized prayer frame.This is an awesome gesture especially this time of the year. All you need is an A4 photo frame. An A4 Photo or Black and White A4 Copy of a picture. You can add a prayer or a scripture on it .Personalized for your loved ones you can pass them around at the seat of your table. It adds a sentimental touch to what the entire weekend is about. Forgiveness Love and New Life from within.

Original Image from Pinterest

 It was really hard trying to find marble wrapping paper but hay it wasn’t a train smash . I came across this gorgeous lace wrapping paper at CNA for R25. In the theme of Easter I added all my prayer books in there but surely you could add whatever you want. Easter magazines for cooking , diys whatever floats your boat. This was so easy and such a cool element to the white and green colours added to the decor.  Book Holder

The last addition to my Diy Project was my chalk board that I badazzled . It went well with the colour scheme and the dish with coriander and the rustic white elements .20170416_155124



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Cooking Sessions with T

Youtube Channel

Cooking is the art of Adjustment, or so they say hay! Life with Foodie T


Haaay you guys I have been dying to share my adventures with cooking. I left my nest in 2015 and have been living away from home ever since . A different city trying to figure out my 20’s pretty much adulting. If you get to know me you will know I am such a foodie. I love eating other peoples food with no questioning it. I really dont need to know what I am eating as long as it is Flippen Fantastic I am all in.

Now truth be told I was never interested in learning how to cook as a kid. I would always be lazy as fudge to ask my aunties how or I would use my grandmothers teaching skills as an excuse. My grandmother would always be willing to teach me but if I dont learn as quick as she wants.  She raises her voice and I cant function under that kind of pressure. If you can relate give me a high five right there.

I learned the basics by watching but that was about it. I am not going to lie meeting Shaka the bae. Changed my lazy as fudge mentality. No brainer when you have a boyfriend you want to be able to cook for him and do all the dreamy desserts you imagined as a teen.  Referencing those Seventeen magazines DIY Date nights omw those were the days . Anyhoo so when I moved in to my living pad take outs were great for the first few months and spaghetti but I was craving pots of food and wanting to try something new.

Here are a few of my most proud dishes. Right above you will find my most recent home cooked meal.  Spicy Rice ,Sweet Potatoes , Rib Chops with mushrooms, side salad with apple and then something New for me was trying out Kale. My thoughts not a fan , I had a bit of an allergic reaction to it. It left my throat itchy.

From my experience it is not the end of the world if you dont know how to cook. It is never to late to learn. People always say just follow the recipe you cant go wrong but believe me when you doubt a recipe and you trust your gut things dont turn out that bad either.

In my next post regarding  Cooking Sessions I will show you my most proudest disasters.

Here are The best of the best I guess.

Scribbles from my Journal

Let me explain myself

Haaaaaay cuties welcome back to my open  journal. I hope that you have pushed through this tumultuous time in our country. There has been tons of things in the News that could be enough to drag you down. There is surely a silver lining through every cloud and I can only pray you find hope in that. It has been especially difficult for me to hear about the sad tradegy that took place in my own home town.
I was completely devastated at the passing of those two little girls. It striked a nerve because I have a beautiful little sister . My cousins especially the little girls who has to grow up in fear because of their surroundings. It really did hit home for me .Oh my hat my beautiful tiny weenie God daughter and my best friend . It was overwhelming to fear for my loved ones .  They were all I could think of . Praying for our communities  and those families were the most saddest tears that fell from my eyes. 

I am not going to lie coming from Mitchell’s Plain or in general places my relatives live in Cape Town.  Our communities experience their own shares of good and bad. Mitchells Plain in particular where gangsters are well known , getting robbed is a norm, finding a dead body on a field is not as shocking as it should be . Kids on primary school get molested is one of the most relatable  experiences people dont often share.  It is kinda crazy !! Well no it is more like surely Pathetic but that is where I am from.

 Dont get me wrong in every community you have your okay side and then your not so okay parts. 

I grew up in Portlands Mitchell’s  Plain now compared to Shaka my bae who grew up in Eastridge we have completely opposite stories to share. Both Portlands and Eastridge are districts within Mitchells Plain. They just on opposite ends of the train tracks . Things that I would find terrifying in my community is mild compared to his. I never heard a gunshot in my life up until I was 19 and could hear the shots coming from Rocklands a residential area close to Portlands . 

Shaka would find dead bodies on the corner of his road and would hear gunshots on a weekly. His been robbed so many times in his own backyard which would be on his way to school, on his way to get grocceries . That sort of thing. I dont fear for girls any less than what I sympathize with boys. Honestly I could just relate to a fear of a young girl who hasnt been touched before or who could be afraid of just wearing a dress on a bus or to the Town Centre. ( local shopping facility ).

From  a close encounter when I was in my teens visiting my Mom who lived in Westridge,  one weekend. My brother went to a shop a few meters away from home and I ran after him to ask him to add something to the list. He had already crossed the big road. I could see him being surrounded by a group of guys but hay as a kid I just thought it was his friends. Something in me stood still and I just stared for a while and went back in the house . As soon as he came back home he had just been gunpointed for any amount of money or a cellphone.  Now that I am older My thoughts remain that could have been the last time I saw my big brother you know that is the norm a teen kid face in Mitchells Plain. Thank God we live to share the tale but this is real life. 

My best friend Mrs Lewis,  little brother who has grown to be my very own little brother was nearly kidnapped in his own home. We were in Primary school when it happened and we literally just houses apart in Mitchells Plain. The first time I ever saw someone chocked from behind was being next to my best friend Mrs Lewis on our way home from Primary School in Portlands Mitchells Plain.

I could go on and on about the scary encounters my closes family and friends have been in what would be the point ? 

Well attending the Connect Group last week. Check my last post if you missed it. It was really theraputic for so many reasons. I was feeling fragile about all of the above.  I shared my feelings regarding what I was going through to a bunch of strangers who comes from different corners  of the world and to my suprise there were a few that could relate and a few who could not imagine. I was so happy in the end to educate the few who had no idea where I was from or could not believe the Tarron and Lawrence they knew that live in Sandton saw and conquered the expecations of someone from Mitchells Plain. 

We both not certainly satisfied with where we at in our careers and personal growth ofcoz we want to push for better than what we have now. We surely dont take the privilege we have now for granted or boast in the community we live in now . What I can vouch for is we never complacent with the now compared to then. I get affected everytime something as chilling as this happens to any kid or grown up. I dont for a second think that the things that happen at home cant happen here . Just because we have night guard ,a remote control panic button and all the privileges that comes with being on this side of the train tracks. We cant find ourselves comfortable with living in fear. 

What I learned this week was that we have to talk to each other and share and remain hopeful and thankful for this life . You have to stop yourself if ever you find yourself puzzled by things that dont really matter as much as the opportunity to share love and protect someone else in which ever form. We need each other and most importantly we can not lean just on the arm of the flesh but the word of God. I AM NO PERFECT CHRISTIAN I am just T. If your God is not Jesus thats okay too but I need you and you need me . As long as we find comfort in each other the fear can go away and we can find ways to make it less okay to live the way we do.  I hope that you find refuge in the Scribbles of my Journal . Leave a hopeful comment or anything that adds to a better way forward. Whoever you are reading this Thank you ! I genuinely have a ton of love in my heart for you. XOXO

FYI : DIY Easter fun with me due 17 April and cooking with me sessions this week 

Scribbles from my Journal

Connect Group

About Attending a Church Thingy

Haaay you guys I hope you had a refreshing weekend. I surely couldn’t wait to catch up and tell you about some of the things that led to my weekend.

Last week I made note in my last post that Since moving to Parkmore I would be attending a Connect group. A connect group is a platform provided by our Rivers church in sandton. A host opens up their home in your appropriate community to connect with Church goers. Well that is the basic concept and the sum of what I was told. We would have to meet up every second week and that is it. It was 5: 00 pm Thursday evening and I was absolutely drained from a work day. Our first meet up was scheduled for that evening at 6:30. I was telling Shaka the bae lets do it some other time and he agreed. A part of me felt so dissapointed in my decision to not follow through. Last minute we decided that we are definitely heading to the connect group.
This has been the best choice I had made this past week. The connect group was what I have been thirsting for.Shaka and I have been attending Rivers for 2 years. we moved from Cape Town the exact same time. We have been coming to church regularly but we never opened our hearts to strengthening our connection till now. To be honest a lot of the time I would “chicken out”. I would call in to inquire about young adults at church. I will be intrigued with the Sister date nights but found it difficult to open myself up to attend . I haven’t quite found courage in introducing myself to people or I would just have commuting as a stumbling block.

More Than Just a Church Thingy

I found hope at the Connect Group. Like I didn’t need to be so hesitant about attending something as great at this. I was exposed to God fearing hearts. We were welcomed to a beautiful environment. Centered upon Christ . I had the courage to share things with people that I never had done before. We are new to the Parkmore community. If it had not been for our host I would not have found warmth in where God has placed me. Literally in Parkmore I feel a sense of love , I have been exposed to open hearts and prayer warriors .This opportunity has been therapeutic. All I can say is availing this resource is a doorway that I am grateful for . This passage has surely left me with a hopeful heart. Please consider Riaan and Evelyn as key components to this incredible moment for me . They were our host this evening and now our Connect group leaders. Absolutely I give God all the glory but also thank you to the Rivers administration for this connection.
We were in walking distance from our host they are a stunning young couple who had also recently moved to Parkmore. We entered into a gorgeous home filled with warmth and gourmet treats. What is great about it , come on  you guys  know I am a foodie lol. We have a supper meet up. We share a meal . Each person brings something to offer , appropriate to the meal we share. We chat about pastor Andres message. We interact based on the lessons we learned we share our experiences related to the message. We end off with prayer request and praise reports.
This is a huge recommendation guys if you join a connect group at your church or if you ever around Rivers in Sandton Johannesburg.

Click over here  Rivers Connect Group Info 

Have you ever felt hesitant to join any sort of get together with your church goers? If so why ? Share your thoughts below


Scribbles from my Journal T