Scribbles from my Journal

Scribbles from my Journal Since Parkmore

Haaaay You guys This will be my last post for the week. It has been a better week I will add “when its bad embrace it when its good embrace it”. As my last post detailed I promised to share with you a bit more about life since Parkmore. This section of my blog space is titled as Scribbles from my journal. I hope this is where you do not mind getting personal. Leave comments for any questions and I will try and be as open as I can.

The major difference between Rivonia and Parkmore. For me Rivonia has such significant history. The suburb is rich within culture ,there is a mixed age group of residents. Young married couples,single dudes and dudettes living in lofts and then the obvious  families who has been living there for decades. The Rivonia treason Farm  which is now a museum was close by to where I use to stay. The Rivonia Village has supermarkets and great restaurants all within walking distance. The suburb boast in wealth of gorgeous jacaranda trees. Fun fact: “Rivonia Produce, a landmark and long established family business, supplying inter alia hay to the many local horse owners”

I kid you not Rivonia is a long ass road though it all connects from the Interchange highway that leads to Fourways and Midrand and this road will take you to the door step of Sandton City. What was cool about it is that the Village also has an Oriental Plaza. The Village was my go to Shaka the bae still works within feet of the village so fortunately I do not get to miss out on my fav destinations.

If you ever close by here are my recommendations

BILTONG @ ZA has the best staff and the most delicious biltong and nutty snacks. I will absolutely empty a wallet in that store.

NINO’S yes yes and yes . Check out my previous post under sticky situations in Sandton.

PATACHOU PATISSERIE. Definitely expect a post dedicated to this fabulous store.


Parkmore is known as the step sister to the Sandton suburbia area. Parkmore is a stone throw away from Sandton City. Shaka and I have found such joy in easily commuting. I literally walk to work and shopping has been a blast!!!Benmore Gardens Shopping Center is close by and so is the big Sandton City Mall.  I love Hyde Park and Morningside Shopping center too. Church is in walking distance as well. What would life be without Rivers Church. Compared to Rivonia it is much easier to commute. Attending night service is not such a train smash anymore. We still soaking in the environment so far my thoughts are a bit vague with the age group. I have only met older folks who has been staying here for decades. This evening will be my first time attending a Connect Group. A connect group is a platform that Rivers Church offers as a platform to connect with your fellow church goers in your community. Which is perfect for us as we do not know much about our neighbors. I will let you know how it goes and if you a Rivers Goer here is a list of places you can find a Connect Group as well.

Hope you have had a beautiful week and that scribbles from my journal adds to your sense of wokeness. From my heart to yours.

Scribbles from my Journal

Since Parkmore

Moving from my First Studio Apartment

If you haven’t heard I moved from my first living pad in Rivonia to Parkmore. Fortunately they both suburbs in Sandton where I work and have lived since relocating. At first I had no idea where I would move to once my first lease would end on the 28th Feb 2017. I have been searching for months and Nada Nothing. I Gave Notice 60 days in advance. Every place I had viewings at were either too expensive and too inconvenient for commuting .I would have preferably liked living in a complex but hay things happen for a reason.

Adulting 101

This whole experience taught me how to negotiate with estate agents, that people pay for home owners association fees . The adt and Night guards that drive up and down in your community has access to the gate controls. Resetting remote controls All those sort of things were interesting to learn. When we first moved and “we” as in the bae (Shaka)  and I . We had no idea where we would stay as you might have learned in my previous post “When I was introduced to Youtube. We had One Way tickets , savings and one blanket with clothes. His company kind of took care of living arrangements and the rest was convenient.

My last day in the old place

The Experience

Moving now was a little bit different. An independent adventure for the two of us. Finding a place was stressful in itself. Being crunched with a budget and finding trucks to move the fridge, bed and the rest of our belongings . Getting your previous deposit back when you have a difficult landlord and prepping for the New deposit place was a mission too.  Also another heartburn was that the previous place came with furniture, a stove ,laundry facility and a microwave . Where now finding a new place with none  of that for the same budget was a bit tragic. However it teaches you to get creative and savy at the same time.

The best part of it is that I am only 22 and so fortunate to have experience all of this. There are tons of kids my age who hasn’t left the nest yet. To be able to boast about the loving support I have had from my family and friends during  these times is an absolute pleasure. I had no clue how things were going to fall together. Or what the next step of my life was going to be. Do I have to move back home to Cape Town ? I can tell you on many instances I wasn’t sure what the most appropriate choice would be however I am so blessed to have a close knit family filled with friends and relatives  . No one gave me a magic wand to solve my problems but their prayers and”dont give up” convos were more than enough for me.

First Picture in Sandton Fourways after landing 2015
Since Parkmore I feel settled. My New Palace still needs to be glamed. I managed to start my days in the New Pad with great memories some good cooking and some tragic. I completely managed to ruin butternut and cook hard potatoes. How you might asked? Well I added way to much butter and killed a great potatoe salad by not being patient lol. Oh and my small cacti committed suicide in the new spot I placed it in.  We explore bits and pieces around our New Community like all the time.That is always exciting and trying to style up the vibe of the new place has been priority.

Stay glued to my blog tomorrow for more about life in Parkmore since I moved and what the major difference has been. Hope you enjoyed this one .

Leave a comment if you remember the first time you moved away from your first “apartment”  Love you guys xoxo Scribbles from my Journal

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“Pink is not just a Colour it’s an Attitude” Tech Chic



Tech chic Chats with T

Lets dive into a more matured set of Pink undertone accessories. My cellphone  colour of choice would definitely be Rose Gold. Here are a list of cool accessories to Jazz up your tech kit.

First off If Iphone is not in your price range have no fear there are a ton of options in the  Anroid department . Sony Xperia X, Samsung S6/S7/J7/A5/A7/A3 (dependent on your service provider)

 An Apple Core a day will keep the tangle away. In the image above the purple item is a Must. They basically keep your cords neat and protected from any tangles. They range from R40 to R60 depending on the size you want. The smaller cores are designed for earphones . The bigger cores  are meant for your charging cables. A great purchase that will prevent having to replace your earphones or charging cables.

Rose Gold Power Banks Yasssss they do exists. You can find the more stylish power banks at stores like Typo or at an Oriental Plaza. I prefer buying Power Banks at legit cellular stores. You are secured a  guarantee on your purchase. Also well branded stores sell products from great manufactures that boast with profit rates and loyal customers. I also prefer the bigger Ma volume for example 6000 ma and amp speed. They range in between R349 to R599 depending on the ma volume.

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors. Damage to your cellphones glass is super visible on a Rose Gold device. If you lucky to be covered with ADH then great for you but prevention is better than cure. It is deeply expensive to replace your cellphones screen especially if it is pretty New and still popular in the market.  I promise you, you would feel the hole in your wallet if you had to spend R3000/R6000 just to fix a screen. On the Iphone 7 the well branded clear glasses left the edge of the cellphones screen exposed. There after once manufactures and suppliers were informed framed tempered glasses were intoduced to the market. They have been selling like crazy. They compatible with the Iphones 3D Touch sensor and range from R299 to R399 depending on whether you have the standard size or Plus edition.

Cellphone Covers by far one of the best covers with Pink Undertones is a Tech 21 Shock Absorbent glove. It has this bumper finish  on the frame protecting your device from being affected by ground impact. Tech 21 are great brands because they give you a longer guarantee than a store. For example this cover has a lifetime warranty. It is a bit pricey but worth the 2 year investment.

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“Pink is not just a colour it’s an Attitude” Tech Chic


Tech Chic Chats with T

Haaay You guys hope you have made great memories in the month of March. I managed to do more than I had hoped for this Blog space and my YouTube Channel.  As a kind reminder if you haven’t seen  any of it check the YouTube Release drop down option. Also have a look at the previous post available on my Sticky Situations in Sandton section. (on your right hand corner)

In this post I would like to share a few of the tech items I am loving these days. The world of social influences has become obsessed with Rose Gold products and accessories. I have no doubt in my mind why. There are quite a large group of people against it but love it or hate it. I agree that Pink is not just a colour it is an attitude. Rose Gold is a sort of under tone of pink .

A few of these products are winners in my opinion.  A gift for myself or a friend but this bad girl ( seen above) Tiny Tracker Gears is a heart throb for my sister.

My sister Zoe
My sister is a vibrant energetic soul. We live 1400+-km apart we do voice notes all the time  and video calls from my Moms phone. Apparently she is  too young according to the momma bear to own a cellphone but I promise you she knows how to do almost everything on any sort of device.

This would be the perfect gift for her a Tiny Track Watch. It retails for R1999.00 at local cellular stores. This was a go to gift in South Africa last Christmas as well. Parents are more obsessed with it than their kids. It is perfect for child safety the device monitors real time tracking with GPS and wifi systems. Touch screen can be enabled. Kids can add friends by pairing their sidekicks via Bluetooth. They are able to text and send smses. These Tiny trackers are entry level cool gadgets for kids. I have heard fantastic reviews on Doki Watches . They are more advance and has these basic functions however video calling can be initiated on Doki devices. Voice calling and voice notes can be made optional too. It retails for a R1000 more. I am all about affordable and functional investments but  only if they can be long term investments. If my sister had to grow out of the device I would surely pass it over to my God daughter or even a kid a few years younger than my ZoZo.

A great attachment to it are Rose Gold Earphones that are perfect for her but even perfect for me .Rose Gold Earphones you can find almost anywhere and ranges from R99 to R199 depending on the quality and functionality. For Example if it includes  A Mic Piece for calls or whether it is Bluetooth compatible that sort of thing.


Sticky Situations in Sandton

Friday the 17th

Have you ever had that day where everything went from bad to worst .Well that sums up my past Friday. I do not want to bore you with the sadden bits of my sitcom . What I will share is that we all have a moment or two when we in these Sticky Situations .
In fact this whole week sucked for me. Let me just get that right out of my system. I felt anxious I felt disappointed upset let down and had the lowest self esteem I have ever had. I felt like I couldn’t trust myself. I failed at standing up for myself and when I did, I failed at sparing the next person’s feelings . When shiz happens it is inevitable . How do you push through it?
I am away from home and all the things I’ve  known for 2 years and counting.  I created  a world of my own. I maintain having intimate relationships.  When I need to I call home I speak for hours . I plunge my focus on Youtubers and Bloggers that becomes a sorter guide for me. I have a great Church Family at Rivers in Sandton . I have devotion time  with myself. I journal and Pray . I plan out girl dates and spa nights. Shaka the bae and I try to explore as much as we can and work non stop to get closer to our goals .
As candy coated as my world was created to be nothing ever goes according to Plan or unforeseen circumstances arises . You faced with challenges perhaps when things just turned out to be good . Relationships become tarnished . You carry scars from disappointment and you doubt yourself or become isolated in a room full of people.
 It always sucks to be in a predicament but its important to push through it. I found that the most challenging experiences I have had is when you give up on yourself that is the moment people give up on you.
How do I not quit on myself? Here are some of the things that helped me through crappy situations 
  • If God shows up for you you need to show up for him
  • Count your blessings
  • Hearing the word of God
  • This life is not about you
  • Indulge in the Pretty Things
There is always light at the end of the tunnel and often we just need perspective from a birds eye view . I told my Mom all the things that were bothering  me and as much as she encouraged me she said ‘Here is where I thought you went wrong” and that is exactly what I needed someone who was honest and willing to unwrap the bandages of my wounds .When you get gory at the seed of your wrong doings you figure out how to make them right.
I never jumped at the idea of blogging I was so self conscious of not having a writers voice . When I get to jot down the Chronicles of my life I feel so grateful to have this privilege . Whether it might not be grammatically on point or perfectly drafted as bloggers do. I know more and more that this is meant for the heart who is meant to follow my story . Whoever you are I hope that my honesty makes you feel not alone in all the things I share. xoxo Sticky Situations in Sandton
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Oh Yeah I did Youtube

Well well well so here we are . About my confession to trying Youtube . I uploaded my first Youtube Video titled Tech Chic Chats on the 7th November 2016 . Experimental I suppose as you could guess based off my Previous post (When I was introduced to Youtube)
When I was introduced to Youtube creators I became obsessed with innovation. I always managed to build up the courage to voice something creative ever since I was a kid . Sure thing it would be no biggy as it is expected from a girl as artsy as I am . The fact that I started a channel in a world where we so criticle of each other and ourselves was discouraging . I always wanted to try it but it took me a long time to find the courage to do it.
What would my channel possibly be about ? Who would watch it? Why would anyone watch it? What would people say about me or react negatively to it?  Would I be able to handle those scenarios?
All these questions were just prolonging me filming . I was reluctant to capture moments and share them on Youtube . What got me to finally post something was realizing that I had power in coming from a known place . Asking myself T , What do you know ? What could you share right off your finger tips ? The first thing that came to mind was my work space .
I work in the Communication Industry and work with technology on a daily . Strangers are curious with questions about the products I use and what my recommendations are . A question I get ask all the time is how long did you have to study to do what you do ? My reaction to that is always “like say whaaaat”…
My job occupation was never apart of my life’s plan. Never a goal Never a back Up Plan.  Yes quite often a lot of people I know studied for this profession but I didn’t . I have been so fortunate to grow within this space . Check out my previous post (Lifes Short You better make it Sweet). I detail a bit more about my job hunting experience.
I had a topic a few tech items in my handbag and just winged it. I shared the video to some of my colleagues and from there it just continued to be shared in Whatsap group chats . BADABING BADABANG  as they say.
Check it out I am cringing at the thought of where this might take me but like all things in life you have to be brave and bold and let the journey unfold .
First Video
Second Video
Sticky Situations in Sandton

My weekly Top 3

Last week I decided to share with you my Top 3 locations around Sandton. The perfect spots to enjoy something sweet titled as my Decadent delights. Here are a few of the top places I absolutely love going to and would highly recommend.

When I relocated to Johannesburg I discovered the franchise Fournos Bakery. If you fortunate enough to travel and have a stop at  the OR Tambo airport. You would notice the bakery located at this pit stop however I do not think it does justice to the actual Fournos experience. It surely is a Jozi thing. The first store was opened in the shelters of Rosebank Johannesburg. Today there are plenty more stores spread across the Gauteng Region. Fournos has been voted Johannesburg’s best bakery time and time again. Benmore Gardens store is normally my go to. Very intimate and opened in the early hours of the morning. The store in Fourways is much more spacious and decadent too. Give it a go!

Mug and Bean is a classic South African restaurant. The establishment exist since 1996. The first store was opened at the V&A Waterfront. Mug and Bean has become a shelter of good memories between my family members and especially my Shaka the bae. Whats not to love about their menu and the cosy setting in each store whether it is located at the heart of the ocean or inside a shopping center. My fav Mug and Bean stop in the Gauteng region is definitely at Sandton City. Shaka and I have familiarized ourselves with most of the waiters. A selection of my Go To breakfast meals are Power Breakfast Bowels,Egg Benedicts and a classic chicken and Mayo Sandwhich. Mug and Bean is not just a destination for the perfect breakfast but serves lunch and dinner. Cocktails at Mug and Bean is a Must too. Believe it or not I dont do coffee but I love being in a cafe setting . Luckily for me they serve alternative warm drinks that are just as amazing.

Ninos Lets get together . Nino Bompani what a legend.  The founder is an Italian immigrant whom had called South Africa home in the 70s. I first discovered Ninos when I lived in Rivonia at the Rivonia Village restaurant. What a place to have a great meal. I had no idea there were franchises in Cape Town until I kept boasting about it to my family and friends. From Salads,pizzas,pasta you name it Ninos deliver an awesome experience.

Ninos Rivonia Sandton
Ninos Rivonia Sandton
Youtube Releases

When I was introduced to Youtube

Since I moved away from home 2 years ago . We found this gorgeous studio apartment as our first living pad. Lets back track to the 6th February 2015. We moved to Sandton with no place to live just a one way flight . Shaka’ the bae’s new colleagues, whom he had briefly met arranged that we could crash over , up until we found a place . We were couching in this commune vibe apartment while still searching for a place of our own. Everything took off so quickly once my employment transfer was completed and Shaka’s New job was confirmed. The time we had to find a place was limited . In this communed apartment that we shared there was no TV just a gorgeous set of people who were great company. We had game nights , date nights , shared pop corn and feelings and the random (watching movies on a laptop).
Before moving away the television set was everything to me. The household I grew up in had a TV set in each bedroom , including the dinning room. Being introduced to this shared living space was totally different but wonderful . I was surrounded with a young group of enthusiasts not bothered by not having a TV. Once we eventually found a place I adopted those habits and just never ended up buying a television set. We have a computer and two laptops honestly it wouldn’t have been necessary.
In our studio apartment we had shared pop corn and feelings if anyone came over . We had games nights,dinners with music and lounging on the sofa with a blanket for those girl nights. Glued to a laptop and enjoying each others company… However there is only so much you can consume when your friends have gone and its just you and the bae . Reading has always been essential without a TV set . I discovered the world of YouTube creators shortly here after. Being a reader I followed bloggers and noticed that they had their own YouTube channel and that they started vlogging.
 I was introduced to the world of YouTube. This become my obsession ,Binge watching YouTube videos became apart of my weekly spa nights. I felt connected to the content I was attracted to. Various Youtubers their style and their branded approach fascinated me. Daily vlogging ,vlogmas being subscribed to main channels all of it. This grew into a new form of television for me . It is a cool experience to build relationships with these real life people.
Their ability to create a channel adds to the fabric of society the same way fiction drama series would. Youtubers helped me get comfortable with the start of my 20s. Following beauty influences especially feminist has been interesting . It truly helped me figure out what my style is in terms of beauty and what my thoughts are regarding those sort of topics . Or what products worked for me and what I would like to try.
When I got accepted into NYFA. I was doing research on what living in L.A was like. I came across thousands of videos from you-tubers and ordinary people documenting their experience.  Many who had blogs but created this video  file . Detailing their real life experience.
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
  Fairly a lot of my YouTube obsessions began from an international data base. Later I  discovered local Youtubers from South Africa and started researching more about them.
I have listed a few of my Youtube obsessions if you curious to check them out:
International Youtubers:

Life With Me by Marianna Hewitt

Life With Me by Marianna Hewitt.

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Sticky Situations in Sandton

Decadent delights in Sandton

Sandton Johannesburg , known as the richest square mile in Africa. Home to the historical Rivonia treason trial. It is surely Rich within minerals,investors and its social mainstream. Sandton is Residence to thousands of  foreign internationals. South Africans from the coast to the plateau regions have all traveled and planted permanent residency here. The city boast with its opulent  lifestyle and promotes the urgency to win in everything you do.
I absolutely love it here.
This has been home for 2 years and counting. If you checked out my first blog post you will totally get my obsession with the pretty things. If you haven’t give it a read. There are tons of places I have fallen in love with .I decided to create a weekly Top 3. Here are a few of my treated destinations.
Technically this location does not fall within the parameters of Sandton however Fourways Food Market  in Sandton does justice to the same dish. Love Boats are gourmet foods served on a boat shaped plate. The first time I enjoyed a love boat was at Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein.  A Beautiful place on a Saturday.  An artsy hub for all.  At this location I was introduced to lots and lots of other gourmet treats however love boat meals when served warm was a total winner . Beautifully orchestrated and Affordable  . It is accessible at a few market places however the locations I will rave on about are definitely at Fourways Food Market and Braamfonteins Neighbourgoods Market Place.
Hyde Parks Exclusive book store does a superb job with its setting .The scenery for an open office space and  wait for it leisure experience lol is spectacular .  Not only do they rank champion in my opinion to the best book shop I have been to. They have a social restaurant separated from the quiet space created for the reader. As icing on the cake they sell the best brownies too. I was at a Job interview in Hyde Park and notice the shopping center was close by. It was my first time visiting the center. The vibe and exclusivity is definitely opulent.  A sure winner is this particular book store. The aroma of a good cup of coffee adds to the style the store surely portrays. I am not even a fan of coffee but I can asure you the smell works in favour of the scenery.I can tell you it is soooh good. The cafe experience is worth the taste. It is affordable and a great place to gain inspiration from.
Finally the place I visit the most often Benmore Gardens Farmhouse Fare store. The farmhouse Fare store is a cake shop situated at the heartbeat of my everyday .Nudge Nudge Wink Wink .I work close by to this decadent destination.  It is hard to resist their fluffy sweet textured cakes. Their cakes are always fresh and a delight treat even if its no ones birthday .I am not going to lie their cakes are not visually appealing for your social feeds however they are worth eating. Sometimes we keen to try the most well orchestrated treats. Truth be told they not always enjoyable. You want to eat those photogenic treats in a very delicate manner and try not to ruin the art of its creation. If you ever feel that way have no fear head on over to Benmore Gardens popular bakery store.For a simple yet enjoyable treat.