Sticky Situations in Sandton

Something about those Thirst Quenchers 

My first encounter with alcohol was with my bestie Jodie Johnson now known as Mrs Lewis. We were 13 years old…. oh stop it dont you judge me. Kidding not kidding . An entire bottle of Vodka to ourselves and oh boy oh boy did that night not end well .I am sure to be a social drinker . A red wine is perfect for just myself or cockatils with great company but thats about it . I am down for virgin fun drinks any day all day . Theres something about a colourful well thought out drink intended to make you feel some type of way . Alcholic or non alcholic . I use to be addicted to fizzy drinks until I was on high school. I nearly developed a gastro stomach.

Electric Blue Cocktail at Primi Piati

The senastionable feeling of liquid like waves on your tongue entering into the foreshores of your body. Thirst quenches that ignites awarness on your palet. A cooling desire for more and more ready to satisfy a never ending thirst.Thats the same way I would describe my appetizing thirst for nuturing my relationships .

Death is the worst wake up call for valuing each other. We all gulity of being so focused on nothing else but ourselves , our careers and goals.

I refuse to wait on a breaking point to know I need to nuture my relationships more. Im guilty of being too busy to pick up the phone when someone calls . Noticing messages but forgetting to respond. Choosing to be busy for finacial gain neglecting those most important. Working so hard and being so exhausted. Allowing my choices to exhaust my energy in result… I fail to spend time with those who need my time more than anything.

Virgin Mojitos with my Family

I felt guilty for a while sometimes  I still do . I feel like I am being selfish for wanting to be in a different city for opportunities while I miss out on time with my family . Missing out on my God daughters mile stones. My sister telling me who her newest crush is. Birthdays and weddings. Being there to catch my bestie at times when she might fall.

Its been hard but the extra effort has proven to be worth it.The effort to push through ,live ,learn and grow. When you know better you do better.  I remember last year being choked up just a few hours before going to the airport feeling like I did not spend enough time with everyone.  What if I leave and something bad happens to a particular person who I failed to spend  enough time with .  The feeling was so intense I called my mom in the middle of the night to reassure me its going to be fine either way. No duh was my reaction like how was it going to be fine either way?

My mommy and I

Theres something about that thrirst quenching relationship.In the mist of a paralysing state ,while tearing up on a phone my mother gave me a scripture and used the goals I accomplished to comfort me. She  reminded me of the valuable things that I have done not just for myself but the people I love and those who love me.

Fun fact my mother was at  first hestitant for a long time about my decision to move to Jhb. I would have thought her reaction to my phone call would be responded by “I told you so”. However she approcahed me with compassion and an indescribable calming sense of love. Moments like these taught me how important it is to value relationships. I am thirsty to be apart of someones journey. Theres nothing more signifacant than playing a role in the life of someone else. Wether your part is big or small.

Video calls are fun, chatting can be useful on social platforms but I suck at responding. Mrs Lewis and I the O.G bestie have this email chain that works well between us. Long phone calls has been working wonders for me. Catching up for 30 mins to an hour kilometers apart. Getting pictures sent of memories made when seperated. I could never get enough of When texts come through that reads Tarron we missed you because  its Shushi nights from my sister and my mom etc,.

The bitterly sweet gestures of affirmation in this case is Appreciating the well aged bonds at home and opening up to  New friendships in my new city.  Praying for my loved ones on a daily has helped me mature spiritually and has influenced the unshakable treasures of relationships.  Having those visits in jhb from family and friends has been interesting . Being able to go home does wonders to my soul. Its possible to find balance when you create the time to make it possible.Do  whatever it takes while you can to value the people who surround you. Colouful unscripted drinks last forever and so do the whispers of memories. Hope you found this read insightful from my Sticky Situations in Sandton. Xoxo T

Sticky Situations in Sandton

Life is Short you better make it Sweet

Waffles there’s nothing more tastier than Mug and Beans Famous Waffles.  At least it use to be for as long as it was apart of their menu.Toasted almonds with Ice cream soften to perfection with warm decadent chocolate sauce. Hapiness at the tip of your tongue.

Waterfront Cape Town

It was an early morning where the bae “Shaka” and I were on my way to way to work . Traveling to the V&A Waterfront where I worked as a store greeter at the Vodashop. oh Yes I was a Greeter we will get into that in just a sec. At the time this was not the job occupation I hoped for but hay you have got to start somewhere?

I deemed the  V&A Waterfront as my Kingdom . South Africas touristic playground . I leanerd so much there how to network ,socialise,be professional ,work hard. Dudes!!! I worked shifts .Sometimes voluntariy double from 9 am to 9 pm. I made the best of friendships . Amazing people who I still get to stay in touch with now. The people I worked with made me work harder . Always motivated and encouraging. I earned decent money under the circumstances.

Again I had great expectations for my future and experienced many failed attempts . I could not afford to lay down registration fees for varsity. My plan to do courses in Germany failed. Earning enough money to bring home from a Job at Cape Town Tv failed. Interning at radio staions didnt open a single door. I wasnt well branded and told I have the body of a 12 year old to join an elite Casting agency. Interning at a start up company was a epic failure. I went to an interview everyone told me not to go to beacase it was only based on comission . Yet I was determined to go and not sit at home unemployed and abled to work . My determination nearly killed me. I was on my way  while Shaka and I were in an accident on the highway. We were in a taxi trying to find the place while the tire burst and a taxi with 16 passengers fliped off the road landing into a ditched. Shaka literally pulled me out a glass window to get me out of the seat. Scary ish but thank God I live to tell the tale . I tried promotions on a comission basis at a petrol station which was yet another fail. Not even the interview at Cash Crusaders was nailing it.

Shaka and I were sort of dealing with my rejection. Just before our waitor arrived he told me that we going to move and be surrounded by people in the same frame of mind as we were. It was just a feeling and something he wanted to get off his chest coming from the experience mentioned above. I didnt think much of it my eyes were fixed on the well orchestrated plate arriving with the aroma scented a few feet away.  Before I dugged in, I said you know what? what do we have to loose if we literally moved. We didnt know the place or the timing. All we had was a burning desire to believe in the life we wanted.

I remember sitting in the resturant overlooking the ocean . Being in the middle of Cape Towns most stunning scenary . The sound of my imagination ran wild with possibilities . 

12 months later we totally did it. We moved and surely  everything came to reality. Its always a working process bounded by the faith of a mustard seed.

I decided to document a sort of open journal through this blog. For whoever this is meant for but also myself paging through a digital album. I never imagined the people I would meet ,or the place I got to live in .The opportunities I have been given or the boardrooms I walked in. What a Sticky Situation coming from Sandton . It all began with a convo while waiting for satisfying waffle.

Sticky Situations in Sandton

“Our treasure lies in the beehive of our knowledge”

There is a saying that patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.Nothing proves testament to that more than the start of my 20s. What I can be sure of is that nothing goes according to plan. When I completed High School. I was surely culture shocked with life outside of my imagination. I never dreamed the world to be cold and inevitably inconsistent. It was the year 2012 that I Matriculated from Mondale High. Before hand I knew there were no parental policies or any financial support to enter into a first year at university. Despite any possible funding from a financial aid. At the time I could not afford registration fees or transportation to the university besides the heroes that raised me lived off a diminishing retirement fund and government aid.  For a second my reality frightened me because I had greater expectations for my future. I never knew how the light was going to be brighter at the end of the tunnel or how I could find breath in my lungs when all I felt on a daily was anxiety.img_20160903_210216.jpg

If it were not for the shoulders I stand on and the prayer warriors from friendships and family members. I would not have found the courage to be bold and strong with the decisions I made thereafter. A part of me felt guilty that I am choosing to feel anxious and sadden about things that revolve around me and what I want. At this point I learned that life is way more curvaceous than my own goals. Selfless experiences and love in all its dimensions is what makes life worth while. The sweet taste of learning from your mistakes is way more palatable than the regurgitating fear of never wanting to fail. I am inspired by my peers I have never felt engulfed or under pressure . I always make sure to use their achievements as a source of motivation. The worst thing you can do to yourself is feel envious towards someone who is winning.

Life is surely like a box of chocolates you never know what you going to get .I was recently experiencing a sticky situation in Sandton. I felt the same way I did a couple of years ago .I paged through my journal and discovered how fearful I was then and how I have grown since. Its amazing that feeling a certain type of way in the past can prepare you for what you going to feel in your future. Who would have known that it would be in a different city away from all that I have known.

My aunt Adele Raybin always encouraged a lemon meringue,coca cola and a crunchy bar of chocolate.  The perfect remedy to feel what you need to feel and be powered with all its  kilo joules to get over yourself. I have however found it more soothing to bake what was in my kitchen and get an edible bunch of flowers for a bit of glam.

Pretty things and decadent delights honestly adds to the joy of life. There are countless moments in my life thus far that I wondered how I was going to get through a difficult experience. An encounter with death,anxiety,not having any money any plan any sense of security within myself. Some of my best memories I value are when  I am in a breath taking setting with a gorgeous group of people eating the most mouth watering meals or desserts. I kid you not this is not a cure for any crappy experience but its worthwhile glancing at pretty things you appreciate.

Rivonia Sandton with my side chic

A few months ago my Jozi side chic,a good friend and I met up at a time when I most sure as heck needed inspiration and she needed to confide in all things pertaining to adulting. This was so not planned and I had two boys in the house after we just whipped up a good setting. She came over in her pjs . We had scented candles lit with delicious snacks. Rice cakes, lamingtons ,krips avocado dip , a strawberry honey and mustard salad with Amarula. A few things in the fridge and snacks in the pantry. Check out her Instagram for more moments captured of that evening  @valgovender617.

I have been dating my bae known as “Shaka “for 7 years and counting. His not generally romantic but he knows that I am a lover of all things appetizing. We relocated to Sandton Jhb in 2015.fb_img_14880177794771

Ever since my best friend and I have been separated. Jodie Johnson who is now Mrs Lewis. We have been besties since Grade R. God deserves all the credit for our 19 year and counting friendship. The bitter sweet part of moving away and loosing her physical presence is gaining a spiritual charm. I could never replace the beating heart of a 19 year  old  friendship however the bae “Shaka” surely knows how to cheer up my mood when I am missing my best friend. Mrs Lewis and I always had this thing of having Ice cream on a cold raining day. Shaka doesn’t understand the logic but he knows that in a weird way ice cream on a cold day makes sense to me so he will get it anyway.

However life unfolds for you appreciate the pretty things bitter or sweet. From my heart to yours Sticky Situations in Sandton. xoxo T